Assistant BS-16 in PPSC 2016 - Solved Paper

Friday, March 22, 2019

Assistant BS-16 in PPSC 2016

Assistant in PPSC 2016 Past Paper

This is the original and solved past paper of Assistant in Punjab Public Service Commission, which was taken in 2016. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is a Government Department which is responsible for recruitments in Government departments.  This post was in PPSC. Given below are the solved questions from that past paper.
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old paper of assistanr in ppsc

1.       The first Mujaddid was Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Ariz (RA). Who was the second:
a)       Ibne-e-Tamiya
b)      Imam Ghana
c)       Ahmed Sirhindi
d)      Shah Wallullah
2.       Find the synonym of "Abdicate':
a)      Join
b)      Search
c)       Abandon
d)      Advance
3.       Which of the following personalities is associated with the Khaksar Movement?
a)      Maulana Abdul Kalam
b)      Sayed Ameer Ali
c)       Maulana Bhashani
d)      Maulana Inayatullah Mashriqi
4.       Recently over 19 workers died in an explosion with working on a ship. Where did this accident take place?
a)      Port Qasim
b)      Karachi Port
c)       Gawadar
d)      Gadani
5.       Name the apparatus used for determining the purity of milk?
a)      Mohr’s Scale
b)      Hygrometer
c)       Lacto graph
d)      Lactometer
6.       The newly elected Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Coteries, has also remained the ______ of Portugal.
a)      Foreign Minister
b)      President
c)       Prime Minister
d)      Finance Minister
7.       Pakistan's first Nobel Prize winner, Professor Dr. Abdul Salem, got his Master's in Mathematics from:
a)      Government College, Jhang
b)      University of Heidelberg, Germany
c)       Oxford University, UK
d)      Government College, Lahore
8.       Which among the following is not a Ruminant?
a)      Camel
b)      Cow
c)       Cat
d)      Goat
9.       In which year did Quaid-e-Azam join the Indian National Congress?
a)      1906
b)      1905
c)       1905
d)      1912
10.   Fill in the blank: Do not meddle ______ my affairs.
a)      With
b)      In
c)       For
d)      About
11.   Find the synonym of 'Decipher:
a)      Clear
b)      Disregard
c)       Interpret
d)      Distort
12.   Bolshevik Revolution is associated with which of the following countries?
a)      Yugoslavia
b)      Russia
c)       Greece
d)      Austria
13.   Complete the sentence: 'The students in the small room were packed like ______.
a)      Apples
b)      Wild Animals
c)       Sardines
d)      Straw
14.   Which of the following Search Engine is developed by Microsoft?
a)      Google
b)      Ma Vista
c)       Yahoo
d)      Bing
15.   Which city was built by Emperor Akbar to serve as the capital?
a)       Fatehpur
b)      Fatehpur Sikri
c)       Fatehganj Sikri
d)      None of these
16.   Surah in the Holy Quran has Bismillah twice.
a)      Al-Nehal
b)      Al-Namal
c)       Al-Ahzaab
d)      AI-Noor
17.   One of the Surahs in the Quran is An-Nahl. What is the meaning of An-Nahl?
a)      Ant
b)      Spider
c)       Honey Bee
d)      Date Palm
18.   Pakistan beat to India In the final of the 4th Hockey Champions Trophy. Where was the final match played?
a)      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
b)      tech, Malaysia
c)       Kuantan. Malaysia
d)      Johor, Malaysia
19.   Fill in the blank: 'I saw no reason _______ we should get up early.'
a)      Why
b)      How
c)       That
d)      For
20.   Google + is another alternative to which of the following site?
a)      Facebook
b)      Amazon
c)       Filer
d)      Bing
21.   A trader mixes 26 kg of Rice at Rs. 20 per Kg with 30 kg of rice of other variety at Rs. 38 per kg and sells the mixed variety of rice at Rs. 30 per Kg. What will be his profit percentage?
a)      No profit / No loss
b)      5%
c)       8%
d)      10%
22.   From which city did the 1857 War of Independence begin?
a)      Delhi
b)      Lahore
c)       Calcutta
d)      Meerut
23.   Find the antonym of 'Apathy.
a)      Care
b)      Sympathy
c)       Refuse
d)      An action
24.   Fill In the blank: 'She inquired _____ my health?
a)      For
b)      About
c)       Altar
d)      Into
25.   Who was at one time called Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity'?
a)      Quid e Azam
b)      Mohan's! Karamchand Gandhi
c)       Abdul Kalam
d)      Nehru
26.   Find the synonym of "Antipathy":
a)      Love
b)      Affection
c)       Goodwill
d)      Enmity
27.   Kitab-ul-Asar was compiled by:
a)      Imam Abu Hanifa
b)      Imam Shafi
c)       Imam Malik
d)      Imam Hanbal
28.   How many chambers are there in a human heart?
a)      2
b)      3
c)       4
d)      6
29.   Simplify: 12 x (13 - 2 x 5)?
a)      36
b)      660
c)       -144
d)      None of these
30.   Name the mammal, which can actually fly.
a)      Orangutan
b)      Platypus
c)       Rhesus Monkey

d)      Bat 

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