Assistant in S&GAD PPSC 2018 - Solved Paper

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Assistant in S&GAD PPSC 2018

Assistant in Services and General Administration Department

This past paper was taken for the post of Assistant in the Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD). This Past paper of Assistant in S&GAD was taken by PPSC. This test was taken in 2018. Given below are the solved questions from the original past paper of Assistant.
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1.       In Microsoft Window 7, which of the following can give you information about the weather?
a)      Window explorer
b)      Gadgets
c)       Ede
d)      Both A and B
2.       When using computers which of the following Involves reducing the electricity consumed or environmental waste generated?
a)      Green Computing
b)      Cyclic Process
c)       Violation
d)      Manufacturing
3.       In a Word document, this describes the size, weight, and spacing of a character.
a)      Font
b)      Points
c)       Typeface
d)      Typography
4.       In MS Excel 2003, chart wizard term data categories refer to:
a)      The data range that supply chart data
b)      A horizontal axis
c)       The organization of individual values with a chart's data series
d)      A chart plot area
5.       Which of the following is the latest version of MS Excel from the following?
a)      Excel 2016
b)      Excel 2007
c)       Excel XP
d)      Excel 2015
6.       Which of the following is an example of a Database Management System?
a)      Adobe Photoshop
b)      US PowerPoint
c)       MS Word
d)      ORACLE
7.       When you Insert a comment in a document, the comment appears in a:
a)      New window
b)      Balloon
c)       Sticky note Icon
d)      Sidebar
8.       The speed of the LaserJet printer is measured in:
a)      Character per second
b)      Page per minute
c)       Line per minute
d)      Character per minute
9.       Select the correct meaning of To put one's hand to plough?
a)      Take Interest In technical work
b)      To take a difficult task
c)       To get entangled into unnecessary things
d)      To take up agricultural farming
10.   A man has some hens and cows. If the number of heads is 48 and the number of feet equals 140, then the number of hens win be:
a)      22
b)      23
c)       24
d)      26
11.   Calculate the perimeter of a rhombus with each side equal to 3cm?
a)      18cm
b)      24cm
c)       38cm
d)      48cm
12.   If the wages of 13 men for 18 days are Rs 2100, then find the wages of 9 men for 12:
a)      Rs 2400
b)      Rs 2520
c)       Rs 2300
d)      Rs 2750
13.   By selling a fan for Rs. 475, a dealer loses 8%, to get a gain of 8%, he should sell the fan for?
a)      Rs. 575
b)      Rs. 525
c)       Rs. 522.50
d)      498.75
14.   Akram thought of a number, added 7, multiplied by 3, took away 5 and divided by 4 to give an answer of 7. What was the starting number?
a)      2
b)      3
c)       4
d)      5
15.   A cube has a volume of 8 cubic meters if each side is doubled in length what will Its new volume be in cubic meters?
a)      16
b)      32
c)       48
d)      64
16.   A number is Increased by 20% and then, decreased by 20%, the final value of the number:
a)      Does not change
b)      Increases by 4%
c)       Decreases by 2%
d)      Decreases by 4%
17.   Find the odd one in the series: 835. 734, 842, 761, 853, 981, 532
a)      751
b)      853
c)       981
d)      532
18.   Complete the proverb by filling in the blank: Familiarity breeds ______:
a)       Friendship
b)      Enmity
c)       Contempt
d)      Bonding
19.   Synonym of Implicate is:
a)      To instigate
b)      Explain
c)       To insult
d)      To Involve
20.   Choose the correct Antonym of Oblivion
a)      Insensibility
b)      Disregard
c)       Awareness
d)      Indifference
21.   Which of the following is a chemical reaction?
a)      Rusting of iron
b)      Tempering of iron 
c)       Bending of Iron
d)      Melting of iron
22.   Echoes are produced due to:
a)      Reflection of sound
b)      Refraction of sound
c)       Diffraction of sound
d)      Polarization of sound
23.   Gobi Desert' Is located in:
a)      Pakistan
b)      Mongolia
c)       Iran
d)      Kazakhstan
24.   Which of the following districts of Baluchistan contains huge deposits of Copper?
a)      Lorelai
b)      Sibi
c)       Khuzdar
d)      Chagi
25.   Taurus Mountains are a mountain complex located in?
a)      Iran
b)      Turkey
c)       Pakistan
d)      Afghanistan
26.   The capital city of Zimbabwe is:
a)      Mutare
b)      Harare
c)       Bulawayo
d)      Kadoma
27.   Which of the following river is formed by the confluence of Euphrates and Tigris?
a)      Jordon
b)      Shatt-al-Arab
c)       Yarmouk
d)      Khabur
28.   Thomas Jefferson was the   president of the United States”
a)      1st
b)      2nd
c)       3rd
d)      4th
29.   Formosa Is the old name of:
a)      Cambodia
b)      Rhodesia
c)       Taiwan
d)      Bangkok
30.   The famous Muslim historian and thinker. Ibn Khaldun, was born in:
a)      Morocco
b)      Egypt
c)       Tunisia
d)      Iraq
31.   The famous Italian scientist Alessandro Volta is renowned for inventing:
a)      Electric Battery
b)      Hydrogen Lamp
c)       Both A & B
d)      None of the above
32.   Petronas Tower is one of tallest building of the World. It is situated in?
a)      Shanghai
b)      Kuala Lumpur
c)       Jakarta
d)      Riyadh 

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