Junior Clerk 2016 Past Papers - Solved Paper

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Junior Clerk 2016 Past Papers

S&GAD Junior Clerk 2016

This is the past paper of Junior Clerk BPS-11 in S&GAD. S&GAD stands for Services and General Administration Department. This Junior Clerk past paper was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). This PPSC past paper was taken in 2016. Given below are the General Knowledge, English, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, and Math related questions. Answers to these questions of junior clerk past paper are given with the bold option.
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past papers of junior clerk s&gad department
1.       A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son The present age of his son is:
a)      14 years
b)      18 years
c)       20 years
d)      22 years
2.       Convert to passive voice: He opens the door.
a)      The door was opened by him.
b)      The door is being opened by him
c)       The door is opened by him.
d)      The door was being opened by him.
3.       Arya Semaj was against:
a)      Sikh
b)      Christian's
c)       Muslims
d)      All of these
4.       The first airline of Pakistan was:
a)      Pak Airway
b)      Orient Airways
c)       PIA
d)      No of these
5.       Synonym of Barren is:
a)      Earthly
b)      High
c)       Greasy
d)      Infertile
6.       Melting point of Ice on Fahrenheit Scale is taken as:
a)      0'F
b)      32'F
c)       212'F
d)      12' F
7.       Sharjah is located in:
a)      Qatar
b)      Kuwait
c)       UAE
d)      Saudi Arabia
8.       What does WWW stand for?
a)      Web Wood Wide
b)      Will World Web
c)       World Wide Web
d)      World Wide Wiki
9.       Which is the smallest Sea of the world?
a)      Black Sea
b)      Red Sea
c)       Baltic Sea
d)      South China Sea
10.   The OIC came into existence in:
a)      1987
b)      1969
c)       1964
d)      1985
11.   Mehr is given to women as:
a)      Gift as a token of respect
b)      Legal debt
c)       Help to woman
d)      Price for contract of marriage.
12.   Bodies which usually fall from the sky to the Earth are called:
a)      Planets
b)      Meteorites
c)       Both A and B
d)      None of these
13.   The latitude of the Equator is:
a)      0 degrees
b)      30 degrees
c)       45 degrees
d)      60 degrees
14.   The share of wife in husband's property, after his death, in the presence of children is:
a)      1/2
b)      1/3
c)       1/8
d)      1/4
15.   In a 100m race, A covers the distance in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this A beats B by:
a)      20 m
b)      24 m
c)       28 m
d)      30 m
16.   Convert to Indirect form: He advised us, Do not be late:
a)      He advised us not to late
b)      He advised us not to be late
c)       He advised not to be late
d)      He advised us that not to be late
17.   What was the  Portfolio of Akram Khan Durani in 2016?
a)      Minister of State for Board of Investments
b)      Minister of State for Interior
c)       Minister for Housing and works
d)      Minister for States and Frontier Regions
18.   The FBI is a government agency belonging to:
a)      USA
b)      Russia
c)       UK
d)      Israel
19.   Urdu is a Word of:
a)      English
b)      Turkish
c)       Persian
d)      Arabic
20.   Which country is located at the North of the Arabian Sea?
a)      Iran
b)      Pakistan
c)       Both A and B
d)      None of these
21.   The largest continent by area is:
a)      Europe
b)      Australia
c)       Africa
d)      Asia
22.   The Simon Commission submitted its Report in the year!
a)      1935
b)      1929
c)       1930
d)      1938
23.   Comets revolve around:
a)      Sun
b)      Earth
c)       Venus
d)      Jupiter
24.   Synonym of Benign is:
a)      Kind
b)      Blessed
c)       Confused
d)      Back
25.   Complete the series: 1. 3, 7, 15. 31, 63
a)      123
b)      125
c)       127
d)      129
26.   Which is the largest continent by Population:
a)      Europe
b)      Australia
c)       Africa
d)      Asia
27.   The Headquarter of World Bank is in:
a)      Geneva
b)      London
c)       Washington DC
d)      New York
28.   Name the lowest point In Asia:
a)      Lake Assai
b)      Death Valley
c)       Dead Sea
d)      Caspian Sea
29.   Meaning of Wahi is:
a)      Inspiration
b)      Expression
c)       Excitation
d)      Revelation
30.   Synonym of Ascend is:
a)      Height
b)      Rise
c)       Depart
d)      Come down
31.   Complete the series: 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, :
a)      7
b)      10
c)       14
d)      15

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