Junior Clerk 2018 Past Papers - Solved Paper

Friday, March 22, 2019

Junior Clerk 2018 Past Papers

Junior Clerk in S&GAD PPSC 2018

Given Below is the original and solved past paper of Junior Clerk in S&GAD Department. This Past Paper of Junior Clerk was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). This PPSC past paper was taken in 2018 in Lahore. Pay scale for Junior Clerk in S&GAD Department was BS-11.
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past paper of Junior Clerk S&GAD
1.       Find the correct indirect sentence: Shahada’s brother said to him, "Please wait for me.
a)      Shahada’s brother asked him to wait for him
b)      Shahada’s brother suggested him to welt for him
c)       Shahadas brother said to him to wait for me
d)      Shahada’s brother requested him to wait for him
2.       Change from Active to Passive Voice: 'She was watching a film.'
a)      A film was being watched by her
b)      A film is being watched by her
c)       A film will be watched by her
d)      A film was watched by her
3.       Change the Voice ot the following sentence: "I will have finished that book."
a)      That book has been finished by me
b)      That book will be finished by me.
c)       That book will have been finished by me
d)      None of these
4.       A young police officer was charged _____ the task of transporting the prisoners.
a)      For
b)      BY
c)       In
d)      With
5.       The synonym of 'Banish' Is:
a)      Recall
b)      Exile
c)       Digest
d)      Exonerate
6.       Synonym of 'Coagulate' is:
a)      Collect
b)      Solidify
c)       Melt
d)      Mix
7.       Complete the Idiom with a pair of words: 'A sleeping _____ catches no _____:
a)      Bird: Worm
b)      Dog: Cat
c)       Fox: Poultry
d)      Hen: Chick
8.       The idiom to bury the hatchet means:
a)      To make peace
b)      To make a foolish choice
c)       To make the wrong decision
d)      To lose something Important
9.       Fill In the blank: Industry has destroyed the livelihood of many _____:
a)      Artisans
b)      Artists
c)       Artiste
d)      Soldiers
10.   The Synonym of 'Diligent" is:
a)      Hardworking
b)      Witty
c)       Deliberate
d)      Lazy
11.   What is the average of all prime numbers between 30 to 50?
a)      37
b)      37.8
c)       39
d)      39.8
12.   Study of Spiders is called:
a)      Arachnology
b)      Serology
c)       Gerontology
d)      None of These
13.   The human heart comprises of how many Chambers?
a)      2
b)      4
c)       6
d)      8
14.   Which gas was commonly used in airships?
a)      Nitrogen
b)      Helium
c)       Hydrogens&
d)      Hydrogen Sulphide
15.   A solar eclipse occurs when:
a)      Earth comes between Sun and Moon
b)      Moon Is at a right angle to the Earth
c)       Moon comes between Sun and Earth
d)      Sun comes between Moon and Earth
16.   The lens in the human eye is:
a)      Convex Lens
b)      Concave Lens
c)       Piano Concave Lens
d)      None of these
17.   Blood cells are produced by in the human body.
a)      Liver
b)      Bone-marrow
c)       Heart
d)      Spleen
18.   Which of the following is considered the largest archipelago of the World?
a)      Philippines
b)      Indonesia
c)       Virgin Islands
d)      None of these
19.   The Arch of Janus is situated in:
a)      Germany
b)      Italy
c)       Spain
d)      France
20.   In which river of Pakistan are the endangered species Blind Dolphins found?
a)      River Indus
b)      River Ravi
c)       River Jehlum
d)      River Kabul
21.   Which one is the capital city of Canada?
a)      Toronto
b)      Ottawa
c)       Vancouver
d)      Regina
22.   The Lady Finger Peak is located in:
a)      Nepal
b)      China
c)       Pakistan
d)      India
23.   Queen Elizabeth, I was an influential Queen of:
a)      USA
b)      UK
c)       Spain
d)      France
24.   Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a reformer belongs to:
a)      Spain
b)      Greece
c)       China
d)      Turkey
25.   Who at present holds the office of the Chief Executive in the Afghan Government?
a)      Ashraf Ghani
b)      Gulbuddin Hekmatvar
c)       Abdullah Abdullah
d)      None of these
26.   10 Downing Street is the official residence of:
a)      Queen of England
b)      British Prime Minister
c)       French President
d)      American President
27.   The Blue Mosque or the 'Mosque of Sultan Adman" is located in:
a)      Tehran
b)      Istanbul
c)       Jeddah
d)      Cairo
28.   What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
a.       Bishkek
b.      Almaty
c.       Tashkent
d.      Astana
29.   What is the full form of DSL in terms of information technology?
a)      Digital System Line
b)      Digital Super Line
c)       Digital Subscriber Line
d)      Digital Speed Line
30.   Who was called Adam-e-Sani (AS)?
a)      Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)
b)      Prophet Dawood (AS)
c)       Prophet Noah (AS)
d)      Prophet Moose (AS) 

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