Labour Officer BS-16 Past Paper 2018 - Solved Paper

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Labour Officer BS-16 Past Paper 2018

Labour Officer BS-16 in Human Resource Department

This past paper was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) on January 4, 2018. This PPSC past paper was taken for the post of Labour Officer in Labour and Human Resource Department. The basic pay scale for this post was BS-16. 
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Human Resource Department | PPSC 2018
1.       Timbuktu city in which African country?
a)      Sudan
b)      Chili
c)       Nigeria
d)      Mali
2.       Winter Olympics 2014 were held in which city?
a)      London UK
b)      Delhi India
c)       Sochi. Russia
d)      New York USA
3.       Who is the winner of snooker world championship held In Sofia, Bulgaria?
a)      Muhammad Akram
b)      Muhammad Asif
c)       Ali Abbas
d)      Imran Khan
4.       Who is the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men's single?
a)      Roger Federal
b)      Tim Wilkison
c)       David Wheaton
d)      Michael Stich
5.       End of Eden book is mitten by?
a)      Nicholson
b)      Dr Smith
c)       David Wheaton
d)      Graham Phillips
6.       Real name of Sher Shah Suri?
a)      Farid Khan
b)      Bashir Khan
c)       Ameer Khan
d)      Behave Khan
7.       Which number will come next in the series 87,90.84.88,81,
a)      85
b)      98
c)       86
d)      76
8.       The number, whose 9% is 63, the number is?
a)      700
b)      800
c)       900
d)      600
9.       20 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 10 men to do this work?
a)      50 days
b)      60 days
c)       70 days
d)      80 days
10.   A man saves Rs.500 which is 15% of his annual income. How much does he earn in one year?
a)      3542.50
b)      3333.33
c)       3132.30
d)      3075.75
11.   What is the meaning of AASRA?
a)      Dealing
b)      Shelter
c)       Wages
d)      Worker
12.   8 machines can do a piece of work In 10 days. How long will it take 16 machines to do the work?
a)      7 days
b)      5 days
c)       6 days
d)      8 days
13.   Capital of Libya?
a)      Tripoli
b)      Beijing
c)       Kiev
d)      Usbon
14.   Most abundant element in the crust of earth?
a)      Carbon
b)      Nitrogen
c)       Oxygen
d)      Hydrogen
15.   Capital of Myanmar is?
a)      Naypyidaw
b)      Pyay
c)       Bago
d)      Mandalay
16.   Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays?
a)      Gamma Rays
b)      Beta Rays
c)       Alpha Rays
d)      Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation
17.   Currency of South Africa is?
a)      The Rupiah
b)      The rand
c)       Dollar
d)      Pound
18.   The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah took place in?
a)      628 AD
b)      632 AD
c)       634 AD
d)      640 AD
19.   Capital of Uzbekistan?
a)      Samarkand
b)      Zarafshon
c)       Tashkent
d)      Quva
20.   Southern Cross is in southern region and at night skies how many stars in it?
a)      4
b)      5
c)       6
d)      7
21.   Greenwich Is located in:
a)      USA
b)      Russia
c)       France
d)      England
22.   Zero longitude on the Greenland is known as?
a)      Tropic of Cancer
b)      Zero Meridian
c)       Latitude
d)      Prime Meridian
23.   How many districts are in Punjab?
a)      23
b)      32
c)       33
d)      36
24.   Latest district in Punjab is?
a)      Jhang
b)      Nankan Sahib
c)       Okara
d)      Sahiwal
25.   Which gas has the same chemical composition of CNG?
a)      BioMass
b)      Bio Gas
c)       Fossil
d)      Energy
26.   Trachoma disease related to?
a)      Cancer
b)      Dental
c)       Blindness
d)      Diabetes
27.   Hepatitis C affects the?
a)      Liver
b)      Skin
c)       Blood
d)      Urine
28.   Which was the capital of Byzantine Empire?
a)      Abyssinia
b)      Angora
c)       Cyclone
d)      Constantinople
29.   Who was the head of Byzantine Empire at the time of Muhammad (S.A.W)?
a)      Heraclius
b)      Julian 'The Apostate
c)       Constantius II
d)      None of These
30.   Which sahabi name is in the Duran?
a)      Hazrat Umar
b)      Hazrat Ali
c)       Hazrat Usman
d)      Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris
31.   Yasir Arafat died on the date?
a)      10 November 2007
b)      21 November 2003
c)       11 November 2004

d)      12 November 2000 

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