Lecturer in Special Education Department 2018 - Solved Paper

Monday, March 25, 2019

Lecturer in Special Education Department 2018

Lecturer of Pak Studies through PPSC

Given below is the original past paper of Lecturer of Pakistan Studies in Special Education Department. This past paper of Lecturer was taken in 2018. This Past paper of lecturer was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission. These are questions with answers to the past paper of lecturer 2018.
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past papers of lecturer
1.       Quaid-e-Azam himself founded a newspaper which was an official organ of all India Muslim League and was published from Delhi since 1938. Point out the newspaper and its editor:
a)      Millet, Sardar Aurangzeb Klisinn
b)      Al Aman, Maulana Mazharudin
c)       Manshoor, Syed Hassan Riaz
d)      Hilal-e-Pakistan, Munshi Abdul Shakoor
2.       Pakistan's first Women University was established in 1998 at:
a)      Lahore
b)      Multan
c)       Rawalpindi
d)      Peshawar
3.       Which is the most significant feature of the Government of India Act. 1935:
a)      Diarchy was completely eliminated
b)      The Council for the Secretary of State for India was abolished
c)       Governor was to act on the advice of the cabinet
d)      It made provinces separate legal entitles
4.       'Quaid-e-Aram As I know Him' is a famous biography of Quaid-I-Azam is written by:
a)      G.Alaana
b)      Jamil-u-DIn Ahmed
c)       M.A.H. Isphani
d)      Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah
5.       The track of the orange line train in Lahore is?
a)      22.2 km
b)      25.3 km
c)       28.7 km
d)      27.1 km
6.       Pakistan's largest Airport is in:
a)      Lahore
b)      Karachi
c)       Islamabad
d)      Quetta
7.       Shah Abdul Latif is the famous Sindhi Poet of?
a)      16th Century
b)      17th Century
c)      18th Century
d)      19th Century
8.       The famous architectural site in Lahore Chuburji was built by Mughal Princes?
a)      Jahan Ara Begum
b)      Zaib-Un-Nisa
c)       Aram Banu Begum
d)      None of these
9.       The Simon Commission report which was published in May 1930, proposed for India:
a)      A federal system
b)      A unitary system
c)       A diarchy system
d)      A confederation of states and provinces
10.   The famous 'Naltar Valley’ is 40 km from:
a)      Gilgit
b)      Hunza
c)       Chitral
d)      Ayubla
11.   Pakistan Red Crescent Society was founded on?
a)      30th September 1947
b)      20th December 1947
c)       15th March 1948
d)      None of these
12.   Which is the oldest city of Pakistan?
a)      Lahore
b)      Multan
c)       Hyderabad
d)      Peshawar
13.   The headquarters of Pakistan Red Cross Society is located in:
a)      Lahore
b)      Karachi
c)       Quetta
d)      None of these
14.   'Hanna Lake' is located in:
a)      Sindh
b)      Baluchistan
c)       Northern Areas
d)      KPK
15.   Pakistan joined the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in:
a)      1989
b)      1972
c)       1974
d)      1975
16.   Under the System "Diarchy 1919 reforms, law & order was:
a)      Reserved subject
b)      Transferred subject
c)       Residuary Powers
d)      Exclusive powers of Governor General
17.   The first Pakistani women climbed Mount Everest on 19th May 2013 is:
a)      Samina Baig
b)      Mariam Muhtar
c)       Muniba Mazari
d)      None of these
18.   Which of the following glaciers is located in Karakoram Range?
a)      Siachin
b)      Hispar
c)       Blafo
d)      All of These
19.   Which of the Pakistani cities was totally destroyed in the 1935 earthquake?
a)      Rajan Pur
b)      Peshawar
c)       Quetta
d)      Sibi
20.   The total length of Makran Coastal Highway is:
a)      505 km
b)      590 km
c)       602 km
d)      653 km
21.   The 'Babusar Pass' connects:
a)      Abbottabad and Gilgit
b)      Chitral and Gilgit
c)       Gilgit and Hunza
d)      Swat and Der
22.   The first Water Accord was signed among the provinces in:
a)      1988
b)      1991
c)       1994
d)      1997
23.   The only National Election held on non-party basis was in:
a)      1977
b)      1985
c)       1988
d)      1990
24.   Which of the following Dams is situated at the highest altitude?
a)      Wail Tangi Dam
b)      Tanda Dam
c)       Khanpur Dam
d)      Warsak Dam
25.   The duration of National Anthem of Pakistan is:
a)      60 Seconds
b)      80 Seconds
c)       100 Seconds
d)      120 Seconds
26.   The Pothier Plateau contains the mineral deposits of:
a)      Rock Salt
b)      Gypsum
c)       Oil
d)      All of these
27.   Which one of the following leaders convinced Quaid-I-Azam to join All India Muslim League?
a)      Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
b)      Bahadur Yar Jang
c)       Hakeem Ajmal Khan
d)      Waqar-ul-Mulk
28.   Mast Tawakair was a prominent poet of:
a)      Baluchi
b)      Pashto
c)       Sindhi
d)      Barochi
29.   Pakistan-Afghanistan border 'Durand Line was drawn in:
a)      1892
b)      1890
c)       1893
d)      1897
30.   The largest desert of the Pakistan is:
a)      Thar
b)      Thal
c)       Cholistan
d)      Kharan

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