Past Paper Labour Officer BS-16 2016 - Solved Paper

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Past Paper Labour Officer BS-16 2016

Labour Officer Past Paper 2016

Given Below is the Original Past paper of Labour Officer in Labour and Human Resource Department. This past paper of Labour Officer was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). This PPSC past paper was taken in 2016. This past paper of Labour Officer was taken by PPSC.
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1.       The smallest country in order of population is:
a)      San Marino
b)      Monaco
c)       Vatican City
d)      Palau
2.       Rabi Crops are sown in:
a)      October/November
b)      April/May
c)       March/April
d)      July/August
3.       Which is the most spoken language of Pakistan?
a)      Urdu
b)      Punjabi
c)       Saraikl
d)      Pashto
4.       Boundary line between China and India Is known as:
a)      McMahan Line
b)      Red Cliff Line
c)       Durand Line
d)      Control Line
5.       'Bronchitis' is a disease related to:
a)      Stomach
b)      Respiratory tract
c)       Brain
d)      Nervous system
6.       The functioning of a loudspeaker depends upon its:
a)      Size
b)      Shape
c)       Size and Shape
d)      None of them
7.       Who introduced 'Price Control System' in India for the first time?
a)      Akbar the great
b)      Sher Shah Surf
c)       Aurangzeb Alamgir
d)      Alla-ud-din Khilji
8.       River 'Rhine' flows in:
a)      Russia
b)      Germany
c)       Thailand
d)      Romania
9.       '7-Habits of the Highly Effective People' was written by:
a)      Anthony Robbins
b)      Dale Carnegie
c)       Stephen Covey
d)      Napoleon Hill
10.   One Kilometer is equal to:
a)      1.0 meters
b)      10,000 meters
c)       500 meters
d)      1000 meters
11.    Before Damascus which city was the capital of Muslim Empire?
a)      Kofa
b)      Medina
c)       Baghdad
d)      Mecca
12.   'Elhar is the currency of:
a)      Thailand
b)      Mongolia
c)       Korea
d)      Chilli
13.   Morocco is the Muslim country located in:
a)      Asia
b)      Europe
c)       South America
d)      Africa
14.   Which book out of the following has been written by Mr. Z. A. Bhutto?
a)      Betrayal of East Pakistan
b)      Witness to Surrender
c)       What was once East Pakistan
d)      The Great Tragedy
15.   'Theory of Evolution' was presented by:
a)      Ai Simon Bolivar
b)      Charles Darwins
c)       Werner Heisenbarg
d)      Euclid
16.   The first general elections in Pakistan were held in:
a)      1977
b)      1958
c)       1962
d)      1970
17.   Who developed Computer Operating System 'Windows?
a)      Steve Jobs
b)      Bill Gates
c)       Warren Buffet
d)      Carlos Slim
18.   The Roman Numeral 'XVI' means:
a)      25
b)      35
c)       15
d)      16
19.   The biggest planet in the Solar System is:
a)      Jupiter
b)      Earth
c)       Venus
d)      Neptune
20.   Which out of the following is not a land-locked country?
a)      Nepal
b)      Afghanistan
c)       Mongolia
d)      Lebanon
21.   Legendary Character 'Sherlock Holmes' was created by:
a)      Ian Fleming
b)      Agatha Christi
c)       Jane Austen
d)      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
22.   Islamabad is part of which province?
a)      Punjab
b)      Sind
c)       KPK
d)      None of these
23.   Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the:
a)      Geneva Accord Moscow Agreement
b)      Islamabad Treaty
c)       Kabul Pact
d)      None of these
24.   'Long Walk to Freedom" is the autobiography of:
a)      Masan Rohani
b)      Ahmed Mural
c)       Angela Merkel
d)      Nelson Mandella
25.   Zabur (Psalms) was revealed upon:
a)      Prophet Dawood (A.S)
b)      Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)
c)        Prophet lshaq (A.S)
d)      Prophet Ismael (A.S)
26.   General Abdul Fateh-al-Sisi is:
a)      Prime Minister of Sudan
b)      A hero of Algerian War of Independence
c)       A central Character of Syrian Civil War
d)      President of Egypt
27.   Per Capita water availability in Pakistan is:
a)      Decreasing
b)      Constant
c)       Increasing
d)      Fluctuating
28.   'SAVAk’ was-the secret agency of:
a)      Egypt
b)      Turkey
c)       Iran
d)      Iraq
29.   The capital of 'Cyprus' is:
a)      Alexandria
b)      Famagusta
c)       Nicosia
d)      Limassal
30.   Where Is Gomal University located?
a)      Dera Ghazi Khan
b)      Kohat
c)       Dera Ismael Khan
d)      Sibi
31.   'Buckingham Palace" is the residence of the:
a)      Pope
b)      King of Jordan
c)       Secretary General of UNO
d)      Queen of England
32.   Netherlands is the new name of:
a)      England
b)      Holland
c)       New Zealand
d)      Ireland
33.   Out of the following literary figures; who represented Pakistan in the UNO?
a)      Faiz Ahmed Faiz
b)      Mustafa Zaidi
c)       AltafGauhar
d)      Patras Bukhari
34.   The headquarters of European Union is at:
a)      Brussels
b)      Vienna
c)       Madrid
d)      Paris
35.   Which of the following items is a source of Proteins?
a)      Sugar
b)      Butter
c)       Meat
d)      All of these 

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