Provincial Management Services BS-17 Past Paper - Solved Paper

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Provincial Management Services BS-17 Past Paper

PPSC Past Paper 2018

This past paper of Provincial Management Service Bs-17 was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). This PPSC past paper was taken on January 2, 2018, in Lahore. We have assembled some questions from the past paper of Provincial Management Service for you. Given below is original and fully Solved past paper taken by PPSC.
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Syllabus for this test of provincial management Service BS-17 was General Knowledge.

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1.       Mustafa Kemal Pasha abolished the Khilefat in?
a)      1921
b)      1924
c)       1928
d)      1920
2.       'We the people of United Nations" are the opening word of which of the historian documents?
a)      Human Right Charter
b)      US charter
c)       UN Charter
d)      UNHCR Charter
3.       Koh-e-Judi is located in?
a)      India
b)      Turkey
c)       SA Lanka
d)      Iraq
4.       Koh-e-Toor Is in?
a)      Sinai
b)      Syria
c)       Iraq
d)      Egypt
5.       The name of Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka In?
a)      1985
b)      1972
c)       1978
d)      1974
6.       One yard is equal to?
a)      0.989 m
b)      0.914 m
c)       1.125 m
d)      1.150 m
7.       The famous Incident of Boston Tea Party took place in?
a)      1770
b)      1785
c)       1773
d)      1778
8.       Ahmad Khan Kharal the famous character of war of independence belongs to?
a)      Gogera
b)      Satlana
c)        Jhamra
d)      Cheecha Waal
9.       Faiz Ahmad Faiz was Imprisoned for his alleged involvement in conspiracy of:
a)      Karachi
b)      Lahore
c)       Attock
d)      Rawalpindi

10.   Malabar is the old name of?
a)      Chennai
b)      Madras
c)       Mumbai
d)      Calcutta
11.   If the mood of a person swings from normal to extreme behavior is due to?
a)      Autism
b)      Schizophrenia
c)       Bipolar Disorder
d)      Epilepsy
12.   Novel 'War and Peace was written by:
a)      Leo Tolstoy
b)      Tito
c)       Shelly
d)      Shakespeare
13.   Most powerful hurricane to hit the Caribbean in September 2017 was?
a)      Maria
b)      Katrina
c)       Irma
d)      None of these
14.   Neutron was discovered by:
a)      Newton
b)      Priestly
c)       James Chadwick
d)      B. Franklin
15.   During the process of photosynthesis, plants releases:
a)      Carbon
b)      Oxygen
c)       Nitrogen
d)      Ammonia
16.   Hujjatullah-II-Baligha was written by?
a)      Shah Ismail
b)      Hap ShariatUllah
c)       Syed Ahmed Shaheed
d)      Shah Wali Ullah
17.   An example of a heredity disease is:
a)      Polio
b)      Hemophilia
c)       Cholera
d)      Typhoid
18.   Shape of the Milky Way Galaxy is:
a)      Rectangular
b)      Spiral
c)       Elliptical
d)      Circular
19.   There were 69 members in first constituent assembly; this number was increased to _______ in order to give representation to princely states and refuges.
a)      75
b)      79
c)       81
d)      85
20.   What is height of K.2?
a)      6811 Meters
b)      8611 Meters
c)       7811 Meters
d)      9611 Meters
21.   Before the partition of India In 1947, how many princely states existed?
a)      49
b)      54
c)       562
d)      None of these
22.   Name the biggest barrage of Pakistan?
a)      Sukhar Barrage
b)      Taunsa Barrage
c)       Guddu Barrage
d)      Ghulam Muhammad Barrage
23.   If you have 'Carlos' then which doctor should be consulted?
a)      Dermatologist
b)      Orthopaedist
c)       Dentist
d)      Neurologist
24.   The average weight of human heart is?
a)      250 gm
b)      300 gm
c)       350 gm
d)      400 gm
25.   Sharm-el-Sheikh is the name of?
a)      Airport of Iran
b)      Egyptian Seaport
c)       A Mountain
d)      None of these
26.   LNG stands for?
a)      Liquefied Natural Gas
b)      Liquid Natural Gas
c)       Liquid Neutral Gas
d)      None of these
27.   The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by the people of?
a)      Britain
b)      Germany
c)       Canada
d)      France
28.   Habana is the old name of?
a)      Ethiopia
b)      Uganda
c)       Kenya
d)      Tanzania
29.   Break bone fever is communicated by a mosquito: it is another name of:
a)      Dengue
b)      Malaria
c)       Epilepsy
d)      All of these
30.   Kates Raj Temple is in?
a)      Jhelum
b)      Chakwal
c)       Lahore
d)      Attock
31.   Amnesia is related to?
a)      A Sleeping sickness
b)      Loss of sight
c)       Loss of hearing
d)      Loss of memory
32.   The British Government announced the annulment of Partition of Bengal in?
a)      1810
b)      1911
c)       1912
d)      1926

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