Sub Inspector Punjab Police 2017 - Solved Paper

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sub Inspector Punjab Police 2017

Punjab Police Sub Inspector 2017

Given Below is a past paper of Sub Inspector Punjab Police 2017. This Sub Inspector past paper was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). PPSC took this paper in 2017. Recruitment to this post was all over Punjab. Merit was made on the Division bases. There were a different number of seats for every division of Punjab.
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1.       Complete the number series: 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42,
a)      56
b)      54
c)       58
d)      62
2.       The Faraizi Movement started by Haji Shariatullah  on his return  from Saudi Arabia was first initiated in:
a)      Punjab
b)      Uttar Pradesh
c)       NWFP
d)      Bengal
3.       Name the pass which links Chitral with Gilgit:
a)      Babusar
b)      Shandur
c)       Tochi
d)      Khyber
4.       Jewish national home" in Palestine was pledged:
a)      By U.S.A in 1948
b)      By U.N.0 in 1947
c)       By British Empire in 1917
d)      By Allied Powers in 1915
5.       Synonym of 'Obdurate:
a)      Docile
b)      Flexible
c)       Obscure
d)      Stubborn
6.       Before his appointment as the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was the CEO of:
a)      Boeing Corporation
b)      Union Texas Oil Company
c)       Exxon Mobil Corporation
d)      IBM
7.       Who among the following is the founder of Wikipedia?
a)      Peer Schneider
b)      Byron Looper
c)       Jimmy Wales
d)      Mark Fletcher
8.       The Magna Carta was agreed to by King John of England, in:
a)      1211 AD
b)      1213 AD
c)       1215 AD
d)      1220 AD
9.       "And thou do see the people enter ALLAH's religion in crowds". This is the translation of a Quranic verse. It is included in Surah:
a)      Surah Qadr
b)      Surah Nasr
c)       Surah Kafirun
d)      Surah Fatiha
10.   Complete the series: 3, 5, 10, 12, 24, 26:
a)      52
b)      30
c)       28
d)      48
11.   The term Butterfly Stroke is associated with which of the following sports?
a)      Swimming
b)      Boxing
c)       Rowing
d)      Golf
12.   Barack Hussein Obama was the ______ President of USA:
a)      42nd
b)      43rd
c)       44th
d)      40th
13.   Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Ismail Shaheed were martyred at:
a)      Muzaffarabad
b)      Bagh
c)       Balakot
d)      Rawalakot
14.   Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Ismail Shaheed were martyred at:
a)      Huge
b)      Peaceful
c)       Aggressive
d)      Coastal
15.   2+ 2-2 x 2+2 =
a)      0
b)      1
c)       2
d)      4
16.   In which year Islamia College for Women, Cooper Road, Lahore was established?
a)      1937
b)      1938
c)       1939
d)      1940
17.   'Fleet Street' London is famous for?
a)      Banking and financial offices
b)      Offices of the Cargo companies
c)       Office of the newspapers and press agencies
d)      Offices of the Royal Navy establishment
18.   In MS-Word, the process of removing the 'unwanted part of an image is called:
a)      Hiding
b)      Cropping
c)       Selection
d)      Indentation
19.   Choose the synonym of Devilish:
a)      Virtual
b)      Satanic
c)       Simple
d)      Honest
20.   Choose the synonym of "Radiant":
a)      Glowing
b)      Glittering
c)       Flickering
d)      Dimming
21.   Which Article of 1973 constitution relates to National Language of Pakistan?
a)      Article 215
b)      Article 251
c)       Article 257
d)      Article 12
22.   Trachoma is a disease of the:
a)      Lungs
b)      Digestive system
c)       Eyes
d)      Kidneys
23.   What is meant by "Miqat?
a)      Wearing of Ahram during Umra
b)      Wearing of Ahram during Hajj
c)       Point where Ahram must be put on by pilgrims
d)      Point where Tawwaf is begun
24.   Excel is a:
a)      Graphic Program
b)      Word Processor
c)       A Spreadsheet Program
d)      Designing template
25.   Synonym of "Infinitesimal' is:
a)      Miniscule
b)      Enormous
c)       Distend
d)      Immense
26.   Which of the following International Human Rights Organizations is based in New York?
a)      Human Rights Watch
b)      Amnesty International
c)       Anti-Slavery International
d)      None of these
27.   'To be, or not to be, that is the question" are lines from which of Shakespeare's famous plays?
a)      Macbeth
b)      King Lear
c)       Hamlet
d)      Romeo and Juliet
28.   What is meant by Barzakh?
a)      The day of judgment
b)      first 10 days after death
c)       period between death and day of judgement
d)      process of accountability on the day of judgment
29.   Silvio Berlusconi is:
a)      Ex-Secretary General of U.N
b)      Ex-French Premier
c)       Famous Painter
d)      Ex-Prime Minister of Italy
30.   There is a limit ______ everything in life.
a)      To
b)      On
c)       In

d)      With

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