UDC Today's Paper 2019 - Solved Paper

Sunday, March 24, 2019

UDC Today's Paper 2019

Questions from UDC Test 24 March 2019

Questions from today’s 24 March 24, 2019, UDC’s test. Given below are the questions from today’s test of UDC. It is impossible to remember all the questions. If you remember any other questions please comment below and we will update it. So here are today's paper questions.
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1.       How Many Masjids are mentioned in the Quran?
2.       Which Surah of Quran Pak has Bismillah twice?
3.       How many Surah in Quran are on animal names?
4.       When Tayamum did becomes mandatory?
5.       When Ablution (Wazu) did becomes obligatory?
6.       Death date of Quad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
7.       Who wrote the book Al Qanoon?
8.       How many seats of Senate were increased by Gen. Musharraf?
9.       For the first time, Oil was discovered in which country?
10.   The capital of Azerbaijan is:
11.   What is the Currency of North Korea?
12.   Who was responsible for the Separation of Bengal?
13.   Suez Canal is situated in which country?
14.   Who said Salah and Zakat are one thing?
15.   Who becomes President of Pakistan after the death of Gen. Zia Ul Haq?
16.   When the direction of Qibla was changed?
17.   Ismail Bukhari was born in?
18.   Salah of Eid Ul Fitar was offered for the first time in:
19.   Which country is called the land of Prophets?
20.   Why Japan is called the land of Rising Sun?
21.   What was the official Language of Pakistan in 1956?
22.   What is the abbreviation of POTA?
23.   CSS stands for?
24.   Defense day of Pakistan is celebrated on?
25.   Which city has the least rainfall?
26.   Karakorum highway was built with the help of which country?
27.   Scheme of Lord Wavell for the settlement of future political policies was called:
28.   Who is the adopted son of Muhammad (SAW)?
29.   Qazi Muhammad Esa stands with Pakistan resolution, he belonged to which province:
30.   Name the largest lake of Pakistan:
31.   What is the meaning of Taqreer?
32.   Time difference between Pakistan and England?
33.   Who was called Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity?
34.   The first writer in human history is:
35.   marsala al marsala term by:
36.   Who purposed the name of Pakistan?
37.   What is Lime?
38.   The rate of usher on canal irrigated land is?
39.   Which Muslim leader wanted the Muslims to participate in Politics?
40.   If change the template which slides will be affected? 

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