ASI in Anti Corruption S&GAD - Solved Paper

Sunday, April 7, 2019

ASI in Anti Corruption S&GAD

Assistant Sub Inspector Anti Corruption Division

This is the past paper of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) in Anticorruption Establishment in the Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD). This ASI past paper in the anti-corruption division was taken by PPSC in 2015. The pay scale for the post of Assistant Sub Inspector in Anticorruption was BS-09. Given below is the English portion of that past paper of ASI.
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Past Paper of ASI Anti Corruption Division
1.       Churchill would whip his students hard for not knowing English.
a)      praise
b)      encourage
c)       admire
d)      beat
2.       I had to be vigilant until each mouthful was safely behind my teeth.
a)      Careful
b)      Versatile
c)       serious
d)      fast
3.       Mr. Chips has been ragged there a good deal.
a)      Honored
b)      Teased
c)       cheated
d)      invited
4.       The sudden hush as he took his place at the desk on the dais.
a)      Noise
b)      Silence
c)       Fear
d)      Excitement
5.        Not that Mr. Chips was boastful or conceited.
a)      coward
b)      brave
c)       proud
d)      afraid
6.       And there was this new craze for bicycling.
a)      Trend
b)      Compulsion
c)       Greed
d)      Hatred
CHOOSE THE CORRECT PREPOSITION                            
7.       He is jealous of _____ my fame.
a)      From
b)      Of
c)       over
d)      on
8.       She is repenting _____ her past.
a)      of
b)      for 
c)       on
d)      with
9.       My brother is good ______ Mathematics.
a)      For
b)      Of
c)       Over
d)      at
10.   Sargodha is famous _____ producing the best quality oranges.
a)      For
b)      About
c)       with
d)      on
11.   Do _______ Rome as the Romans do.
a)      In
b)      of
c)       Within
d)      at
Choose the correct form of verb
12.   You cannot go because of it _____ heavily.
a)      Rains
b)      has rained
c)       Is Raining
d)      Rained
13.   I was reading a novel when they _____ to see me.
a)      Were coming
b)      Come
c)       Had come
d)      came
14.   The book ______ two years ago.
a)      is published
b)      was published
c)       published
d)      has been published
15.   He _____ to Karachi tomorrow morning.
a)      Goes
b)      Will go
c)       Went
d)      Is going
16.   We _____ our dinner when it started raining last night.
a)      Had
b)      Had had
c)       have had
d)      Will have had
Choose the correct Spellings.
17.   Chose Correct Spelling from the following:
a)      Proceder
b)      Precedure
c)       Procedure
d)      Procedur
18.   Chose Correct Spelling from the following:
a)      Receive
b)      Reiceve
c)       Receve
d)      Rieceve
19.   Chose Correct Spelling from the following:
a)      Frequent
b)      Frequnt
c)       Freqent
d)      Frequente
20.   Chose Correct Spelling from the following:
a)      Disciplene
b)      Descipline
c)       Discipline
d)      Discepline

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