Assistant in Planning and Development Department - Solved Paper

Monday, April 29, 2019

Assistant in Planning and Development Department

Past Papers of Assistant BS-16

Past Paper of Assistant in the Planning and Development Department. This is the 2016 Past Paper of Assistant. These are very important questions. This past paper of Assistant was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). If you found any mistakes in answers or any other error please feel free to comment on it below in the comment section. We have also uploaded so many other past papers to stay updated please subscribe here.

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past papers of Assistant 2019

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1.    Crimea was an area annexed by Russia last year. Before the annexation, it was a con of:
a)    Bosnia
b)    Belarus
c)    Ukraine
d)    Georgia

2.    Recently Azerbaijan fought a war with one of its neighbors over the Nagorno Karabakh region. In which country is this enclave situated?
a)    Bosnia
b)    Turkey
c)    Macedonia
d)    Armenia

3.    Abuja is the capital of:
a)    Nigeria
b)    Pana
c)    Mali
d)    Ghana

4.    Which is the capital city of West Indies?
a)    Port of Spain
b)    Harare
c)    Puerto Rico
d)    None of these

5.    Which Pakistani woman won the Nelson Mandela-Grace Michel Innovation Award 2016?
a)    Malala Yousafzai
b)    Tabassum Adnan
c)    Meera
d)    Sharmeen Obeid Chinoy

6.    Recent OIC Summit was held in:
a)    Ankara
b)    Istanbul
c)    Antalya
d)    Jeddah

7.    Renminbi is the official currency of:
a)    Taiwan
b)    China
c)    North Korea
d)    Philippines

8.    Next SAARC Summit Is to be held in:
a)    Kathmandu
b)    Islamabad
c)    Colombo
d)    Male

9.    Sir Creek is a disputed area between:
a)    Afghanistan & Pakistan
b)    Nepal & India
c)    Bangladesh & India
d)    Pakistan & India

10.  The Suez Canal links which two seas?
a)    Baltic & North Sea
b)    Dead & Red Sea
c)    Oman & Arabian Sea
d)    Mediterranean & Red Sea

11.  Reichstag' is the name of the Parliament of which country?
a)    Turkey
b)    Russia
c)    Azerbaijan
d)    Germany

12.  Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament Is played in which country?
a)    Singapore
b)    Thailand
c)    Malaysia
d)    Brunel

13.  Garuda is the National Airline of which country?
a)    Philippines
b)    Brunel
c)    Thailand
d)    Indonesia

14.  Which is the most populated city of China?
a)    Shanghai
b)    Beijing
c)    Shenzhen
d)    Wuhan

15.  Minsk is the capital of which European country?
a)    Hungary
b)    Macedonia
c)    Belarus
d)    Bosnia

16.  In which country's embassy in London Is Julian Assange the founder of Wed Leaks hiding?
a)    Ecuador
b)    Mexico
c)    Peru
d)    India

17.  The capital city of New Zealand is:
a)    Wellington
b)    Christchurch
c)    Adelaide
d)    Auckland

18.  Pakistan Cricket Team will next tour which Country?
a)    Australia
b)    South Africa
c)    England
d)    New Zealand

19.  Who was the first man to go into space?
a)    Neil Armstrong
b)    Uri Gagarin
c)    Buzz Aldrin
d)    Allen Slain

20.  Thomas Cup is the world's biggest tournament of:
a)    Golf
b)    Badminton
c)    Snooker
d)    Squash

21.  Who is a polymath?
a)    Star Gazer
b)    Mathematician
c)    Philosopher
d)    Expert of many Subjects

22.  Xian is a famous city of:
a)    North Korea
b)    South Korea
c)    Japan
d)    China

23.  Persian poets Hex and Saadi are buried in:
a)    Herat
b)    Shiraz
c)    Isfahan
d)    Kabul

24.  Baltoro is a famous ______ of Pakistan?
a)    Mountain Peak
b)    Mountain Lake
c)    River
d)    Glacier

25.  Diamer-Bhasha hydro project is being built on ______ River.
a)    Hunza
b)    Jehlum
c)    Indus
d)    Kabul

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