Computer Science Past Papers 2019 - Solved Paper

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Computer Science Past Papers 2019

Past Papers of Lecturer Computer Science

This is the original past paper of Lecturer Computer Science. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) took this past paper of computer science in 2017. This post of Computer Science pot was all over Punjab. Both Male and Female genders were eligible for this post of lecturer computer science. This was a grade 17 post.
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past paper of lecturer
1.       Which one of the following is not a phase of Prototyping De Model?
a)      Quick design
b)      Coding
c)       Prototype Refinement
d)      Engineer
2.       Product Model has:
a)      2 Phase
b)      3 phase
c)       6 phases
d)      8 phases
3.       What is the major drawback of using RAD Model?
a)      Highly specialized & skilled developers/designers are required
b)      Increases re-usability of components
c)       Encourages customer/client feedback
d)      Both A & C
4.       SDLC stands for:
a)      Software Development Lire cos
b)      System Development Life cycle
c)       Software Design Life Cycle
d)      System Design Life Cycle
5.       Which model can be selected if the user is involved in all the phases of SDLC?
a)      Waterfall Model
b)      Prototyping Model
c)       RAD Model
d)      Both B & C

6.       Two devices are in the network if:
a)      A process in one device is able to exchange Information with a process in another device
b)      A process is running on both devices
c)       PIDs of the processes running of different devices are the same
d)      None of these
7.       In computer network nodes are:
a)      The computer that originates the data
b)      The computer that routes the data
c)       The computer that terminates the data
d)      All of these
8.       The communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in:
a)      Broadcast network
b)      Uni-cast network
c)       Multi-cast network
d)      None of these
9.       Bluetooth is an example of:
a)      Personal area network
b)      Local area network
c)       Virtual private network
d)      None of these
10.   A _____ is a device that forwards packets between networks by processing the routing Information Included In the packet.
a)      Bridge
b)      Firewall
c)       Router
d)      All of these
11.   A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer is called:
a)      Protocol architecture
b)      Protocol Stack
c)       Protocol suite
d)      None of these
12.   Network congestion occurs:
a)      In case of traffic overloading
b)      When system terminates 
c)       When the connection between two nodes terminates
d)      None of these
13.   Which one of the following extends a private network across public networks?
a)      Local area network
b)      Virtual private network
c)       Enterprise private network
d)      Storage area network
14.   The network layer concerns With:
a)      Bits
b)      Frames
c)       Packets
d)      None of these
15.   Which one of the following is not a function of the network layer?
a)      Routing
b)      Inter-networking
c)       Congestion control
d)      None of these
16.   The 4 byte IP address consists of:
a)      Network address
b)      Host address
c)       Both A and B
d)      None of these
17.   In the virtual circuit, network each packet contains:
a)      Full source and destination address
b)      A short VC number
c)       Both A and B
d)      None of these
18.   Which one of the following routing algorithm can be used for network layer design?
a)      Shortest Path Algorithm
b)      Distance Vector Routing
c)       Link stale routing
d)      All of these
19.   The network layer protocol of the Internet is:
a)      Ethernet
b)      Internet protocol
c)       Hypertext transfer protocol
d)      None of these
20.   ICMP is primarily used for:
a)      Error and diagnostic functions
b)      Addressing
c)       Forwarding
d)      None of these

21.   The lexical analyzer takes _____ as Input and produces a stream of _____ as output.
a)      Source program, tokens
b)      Tokens, Source Program
c)       Both A & B
d)      None of these
22.   Parsing is also known as:
a)      Lexical Analysis
b)      Syntax Analysis
c)       Semantic Analysis
d)      Code Generation
23.   A compiler program written in a high-level language is called:
a)      Source Program
b)      Object Program
c)       Machine Language Program
d)      None of these
24.   The number of pixels stored in the frame buffer of a graphics system is known as:
a)      Resolution
b)      Depth
c)       Mass
d)      None of these
25.   In a graphical system, the array of pixels in the picture is stored in:
a)      Memory
b)      Frame buffer
c)       Processor

d)      All of these 

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