Customs Inspector Batch-1 Past Papers 2018 - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch-1 Past Papers 2018

Batch-1 Customs Inspector Past Papers 2018

Customs Inspector Past Paper of Batch1 is given below. This test was taken on September 9, 2018. We also have uploaded past papers of Customs Inspector for other Batches (1-8). These past papers of Customs Inspector are important for the preparation of the upcoming test of Customs Officer.
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Note*: Some Questions may have different answers now because they are related to the current affairs of September 2018.

Past Paper of Customs Officer | Past Papers of FPSC

1.    Heads of zakat are mentioned in which Surah:
“Surah Taubah”

2.    Prophet’s name Ahmed come in which surah of Quran Paki:
“As Saf”

3.    Vitamin D Deficiency Causes

4.    Vitamin A Deficiency Causes
“Night Blindness”

5.    Long-sight the defect could be corrected by using ______ lens?

6.    Who was the author of Tarjaman ul Quran?
“Abul-Kalam Azad”

7.    British Indian Association 1866 was founded by:
“Sir Syed Ahmed Khan”

8.    Simla Conference Main Point from All India Muslim League was?
To be loyal with British Government

9.    Imam Abu Hanifa born in?

10.Which social networking website deleted (certain figure) fake accounts in the first 3 the month of 2018.

11.Radioactive radiations were discovered by?
Henri Becquerel

12.LIGO is used to detect?
“Gravitational Waves”

13.NAM 1998 summit related to which Pakistani matter?
“Kashmir Problem”

14.South African player recently announced retirement?
“AB Devillers”

15.In test match with Pakistan how many Ireland player debut in test cricket?

16.Prince Harry married to?
“Meghan Markle”

17.Which Country’s Military plane was crashed in 2018?

18.Female Deputy Governor of Kabul capital.
”Munira Yousafzai”

19.A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called?

20.Sun is a:

21.Hazrat Younas stayed inside the Fish for how many days?

22.What is the total length of Pakistan and Iran Border?
“909 KM”

23.The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is?
"120 days"

24.An extension for MS-Word file is?

25. Which social media website delete inappropriate videos?


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