Customs Inspector Batch-4 2018 Past Papers - Solved Paper

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch-4 2018 Past Papers

Customs Officer Past Paper of Batch-4

This is the past paper of Customs officer Batch-IV which was taken on September 11, 2018. Federal Public Commission was responsible to take the test for this post of Customs Inspector. This Job was in the Customs Department. This past paper of Customs Inspector was taken in 8 batches because there were almost 100,000 candidates who applied for this post from all over Pakistan. Given below is the solved past paper of Customs officer Batch-4 2018, we also have the past papers of other 7 batches on this site.
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Note*: Some Questions were related to the current affairs, so those questions have answers according to September 2018 conditions. So be careful with those questions they may have different answers now.

Past Papers of Customs Inspector 2019

1.    Every formula in Excel starts with?
Is equal to =

2.    How we can edit a cell in MS Excel?
Double Click

3.    Meteorology is the study of ____________?

4.    KANUPP stands for ________?
Karachi Nuclear Power Plant

5.    Sum of Prime Numbers between 60 and 80 is?

6.    JIT (Joint Investigation Team) on Panama Papers was headed by_______?
Wajid Zia FIA

7.    How many Polling Stations were declared sensitive during general Election 2018?
20789 Polling stations

8.    The Bible, The Quran and Science is written by __________?
Maurice Bacilli

9.    Amin ul Ummat is the title of which companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?
Abu Ubaida Bin Al Jarrah (R.A)

10.Which celebrity contested general elections 2018?
Jawad Ahmed

11.50%earth crust is:

12.4thstate of mater is.

13.AC to DC is called:

14. Which key is used to check spellings in MS office?

15.Speaker informer.

16.Timing slide:
 Slide setup

17.Select all command is:

18.Center alignment key combination is:

19.Ellipse motion.

          20. All ppt instance view in.
          Slide view

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