Customs Inspector Batch-VI Past Papers - Solved Paper

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch-VI Past Papers

Customs Officer Batch-VI 

This past paper is of Customs Inspector Batch 06 taken on September 6, 2018. Custom Inspector Paper was consist of Math, English, Current Affair, General Science, Ability, and Islamic Studies. If you remember any other question or see any error in this past paper of Customs Officer 2018 please let us know through your comments below.
Note* This paper has some current affairs questions of 2018 (time of test) so their answers are according to September 2018.
Customs inspector past papers
1.      Good Source of Vitamin A are:
a)    Milk
b)    Meat
c)    Leafy Vegetable
d)    None of these

2.      Qamar Javaid Bajwa is _____ army chief of Pakistan.
a)    9th
b)    10th
c)    11th
d)    12th

3.      Islamabad total population according to census 2018 is:
a)    2,006,572
b)    1,000,000
c)    2,550,000
d)    None of these

4.      Who is the current Prime Minister of AJK?
a)    Imran Khan
b)    Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan
c)    Usman Buzdar
d)    Murad Ali Shah

5.      Current Minister of Law and Justice is:
a)    Fawad Chaudry
b)    Pervez Khattak
c)    Murad Saeed
d)    Dr. Farogh Naseem

6.      Who is the current chairman of PPSC:
a)    Lieutenant General Retd. Maqsood Ahmad
b)    Capt. Ret Nawaz
c)    None of these

7.      What is the Unit of Magnetic Flux?
a)    Weber (Wb)
b)    Meter
c)    Newton
d)    Joule

8.       Inventor of Battery is:
a)    Tesla
b)    Volta
c)    Newton
d)    Bill Gates

9.      SI unit of pressure is:
a)    Pascal
b)    Newton Meter
c)    Joule/KG
d)    None of these

10.  Total number of Strings in Guitar is:
a)    2
b)    3
c)    4
d)    6

11.  Sound in loud speaker is produced by:
a)    Vibration and Pitch
b)    Vibration only
c)    Pitch only
d)    None of These

12.  Which planet is nearest to the Sun?
a)    Earth
b)    Mars
c)    Mercury
d)    Jupitar

13.  When Pakistan Joined G20?
a)    2018
b)    2019
c)    2010
d)    Not yet a member

14.  Device to measure the Heart Beat is:
a)    Thermometer
b)    Cardiograph
c)    Hygrometer
d)    None of these

15.  Earliest gun powder made of:
Charcoal, Pot, Nitrate, Sulphur

16.  Powerhouse of a living cell is called?
a)    Nucleus
b)    Cell Wall
c)    Mitochondria
d)    None of these

17.  What is MS Access software:
a)    Calculating Software
b)    Word Processor
c)    Data Base Software
d)    None of these

18.  If X=12% Then Y= 6% and if X=18% then Y=??
a)    Y=9%
b)    Y=10%
c)    Y=8%
d)    None of these

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