Customs Inspector Batch1 Paper 2019 (24-04-2019) - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch1 Paper 2019 (24-04-2019)

Customs Inspector Batch-01 Paper 2019

Given Below is the Customs Inspector Past Paper of Batch-1. This Past Paper of Customs Inspector was taken on 24-04-2019. Given below are 30+ Solved questions from the original past paper of customs inspector 2019. We will upload all batches papers of customs inspector stay tuned for that.

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Batch1 Customs Inspector Paper 2019
1.       Title Ameen ul Ummat was of which sahabi:
        Hazrat Abu Ubaida bin Al-Jarrah

2.      A  journalist who was killed in Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey was:
      Jamal Khashoggi

3.       US special envoy to Afghanistan is:
       Khaleel Zad Zalmy

4.       Current UN Secretary-General is:
       Antonio Gutters from Portugal

5.       The command to Select all is:
      Ctrl + A

6.       Mass of sun comprises of hydrogen and:

7.       Allama Iqbal did his Ph.D. from which University.
       Munich University Germany

8.       Which of the following is Liaqat Ali Khan’s birthplace:

9.       Shah Waliullah real name and birthplace are:
       Qutabuddin Ahmad Muzaffar Garh

10.   Pak China bus from Kashgar to Lahore started on:
       3 Nov 2018

11.   Which country withdrawn from OPEC:

12.   Asif Saeed Khosa became __ Chief Justice of Pakistan:
       26th Chief Justice of Pakistan

13.   Allama Iqbal was elected as a member of Punjab council in?

14.   Pakistani Muslim woman became an American judge recently her name is:
       Rabia Coiler

15.   Turkish elections in June 2018 won by which party:
       Justice and Development party

16.   Turkish President Erdogan secured what percent of votes in the 2018 election:

17.   BRICS 10th Summit held in which Country:
      Johannesburg, South Africa

18.   Kertarpur inauguration ceremony by Prime Minister Imran Khan on which date:
      28 Nov 2018

19.   Oldest head of state in the world is:
       Mahathir Muhammad Malaysian Prime Minister

20.   Prime Minister Imran Khan's 1st official visit was to which Country:
       Saudi Arabi

21.   Saudi Arabia and which other Islamic Country announced $6.4 billion packages for Pakistan:
      United Arab Emirates (UAE)

22.   Sun is a:

23.   Most abundant element on earth's crust is:

24.   Most abundant element in the whole universe is:

25.   SI unit of charge is:

26.   Who gave the theory of relativity:
      Albert Einstein

27.   The device that converts chemical energy into electrical is:

28.   The electric generator works on which principle:
      Mutual induction

29.   Meaning of Quranic Surah name Al-Baqarah is:

30.   The Topic of Surah Hujraat is?

31.   Name of dignified months:
       4 month

32.   Meaning of "Ihsan"?
       Perfection and excellence

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