Customs Inspector Batch2 Past Paper 2018 - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch2 Past Paper 2018

Customs Officer Past Paper Batch-2

This is the Batch2 Past Paper of Customs Officer 2018. Syllabus for this test was a general the syllabus which includes basic Mathematics, Everyday Science, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and General Knowledge.
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Note*: Few Questions related to current affairs have answers according to September 2018, they may have different answers now.

Past Paper of Customs Inspector Batch2
1.    Best White ball Wicket Keeper batsman in the World?
Joss Buttler

2.    Range of the newly tested Missile Ababeel is ________?
2200 KMs

3.    Which Country filed a lawsuit against US sanctions in Inter court?

4.    The country recently allowed women for Driving?
Saudi Arabia

5.    When the Qibla shifted from Bait-ul-Muqadas to Masjid ul Haram?
2nd Hijri

6.    Queen Elizabeth celebrated her ______ birthday?

7.    What is the default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is _______?

8.    Single Spacing in MS Word document causes ______point of line spacing?

9.    Pervaiz Musharif Presented Devolution Plan in?

10.The Ceasefire Line in Kashmir was drawn in which year?

11.Neelum River is the tributary of which River?
Indus River

12.New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a baby girl becoming only the Second World Leader. Who was the first World leader to do so while in Office?
Benazir Bhutto

13.After Pakistan China is close to signing an agreement on the economic corridor with which country?

14.Nawaz Sharif Entered into politics in the Era of?
Zia ul Haq

15.Ghazwa e Badar occurred in which Hijri Year?
2 A.H

16. The command is used to close Microsoft Word?
Alt + F4

17.Last Asia Cup held in which year?

18.X+1/x=2 what is the value of x?

19.What does shift f5 do in MS word?
Jump between edits

20.In which Hijri year First Mosque was built?
1 A.H Masjid-e Quba

21.Saving a document with new Name, You Press _____?
Click File, Then Save As

22.________are used to divide a webpage into areas?

23.MS word Application cannot be closed from?
Close Sub Menu

24.How do you activate the ruler on your document by using ribbon?
View > Ruler

25.Which One cannot be a type of Page Margin?


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