Customs Inspector Batch3 Paper 2019 - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch3 Paper 2019

Solved Paper of Customs Inspector 2019

This is the Customs Inspector Batch-3 (25-04-2019) paper. This paper is taken by FPSC(Federal Public Service Commission). We have gathered these questions and collected their right answers. If you remember any other questions please let us know through your comments and we will update it as soon as possible. We are uploading all batches solved papers of Customs Officer so stay connected.

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2019 Customs Inspector Paper Batch3

1.    What is the Unit of Electric Current:

2.    18:6::39:x what is the value of “X”:

3.    Hazrat Jibrail Kon sy sahabi ki shakal m aty thy?
Hazrat Kalbia (RA)

4.    Guest Countries in BRICS Summit:
Turkey and Argentina (Not Sure)

5.    Most abundant element on earth:

6.    First Nuclear Power plant set up by UAE in which state?
Abu Dhabi
7.    Nimaz e Khauf is offered during:

8.    Which Planet of our Solar System is visible from the Earth:

9.    Valid the version of MS Word is:

10.  Which Planet in Solar System moves with the fastest speed around the sun:

11.  In Feb 2019 which country gave 2.3 Billion Dollars to Pakistan for improvement in Reserve:

12.  Bait e Rizwan took place in which Hijri:
6 Hijri

13.  Which Leader Resigns in 1920:
Quaid e Azam from Congress

14.  What is the meaning of Al Hujrat:

15.  Which Organization Announces to invest 300 Billion Dollars in Local NEWS:

16.  You can detect spelling and grammar errors in MS office by:
F7 key

17.  What is the name of Malaysian King:
Abdullah Sultan

18.  Kot Dijji is in which province of Pakistan:
Sindh Province

19.  One Light year is equal to:

20.  Macros are used in:
MS Excel to automate the task

21.  Islamia College Peshawar was founded by:
Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum

22.  The shape of the Comets is:
Highly Elliptical

23.  Which of the following are primary colors:
Red, Blue, Green

24.  Portrait and Landscape are:
Page Orientation
25.  What is the discount percentage if you buy 3 and get 4 items:

26.  x:6::12:30 what is the value of “x”:

27.  Which Prophet said Ahmed (PBUH) will come after me:

Prophet Isa (AS)

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