Customs Inspector Batch5 Past Papers - Solved Paper

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch5 Past Papers

Batch-5 Customs Officer Past Paper

FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) took this past paper of Customs Inspector Batch 5 in September 2018. This is the past paper of the fifth batch of Customs Officer. There was a total of 8 batches because there was a huge number of candidates who applied for this post of Customs Inspector 2018. Graduation was the requirement for this post.
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Note*: Some Questions related to the current Affairs may have different answers now, because their answers are according to September 2018.

customs inspector past papers 2019

1.    2018 commonwealth games were held at:
Gold Coast

2.    Which Pakistani Wrestler won the gold medal in commonwealth games 2018:
Inam Butt

3.    Total medal won by Pakistan in commonwealth 2018:

4.    Total The Muslim States in the World Cup 2018 were:

5.    Current Inspector General Police of Sindh is?
Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam

6.    ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will be played in.
England and Wales

7.    The woman the candidate won on open seats in 2018 Elections?

8.    Current chief justice took oath on.
 31 Dec 2016

9.    Shortest servicing governor Sindh is?
Saeeduzaman Sidique

10.Saudi Islamic military alliance Head Quarter is in:

11.Idea of the nation, security commission was given by:
 Yahya Khan

12.Coldest place in Pakistan is?
 Ziarat or Hunza

13.Inauguration date of state Bank is.
July 1948

14.Original name of Mujadid alif sani is:
Ahmad Sarhavidi

15.Apostasy movement in Islam?
 Hazrat Ali.RA era?

16.Ummal masakin is the title of:
 Hazrat Zainab AS

17.Essence of humanity.

18.Largest the academic center of the Islamic era.

19.Source of religious knowledge is?

20.Vitamin B.

21.Laughing gas is:
 Nitrous Oxide

22.During photosynthesis plants oxygen taken from.

23.Wind speed is measured by.

24.Unit to measure food energy is:

25.Father of Meteorology is.

26.Water cover how many percents of Earth:

27.105-137 wind speed.
 Minor or no damage

28.In Acid rain comes with water.
 Sulfur and phosphors

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