Customs Inspector Past Papers 2018 Batch-08 - Solved Paper

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Customs Inspector Past Papers 2018 Batch-08

Past Papers of Customs Officer 2018

This is the original past paper of Customs Inspector 2018 Batch-8. This test was taken by Federal Service Commission (FPSC) in 2018. Education requirement for this post was graduation. Candidates from all over Pakistan were eligible for this post who meet the required conditions for this post. Almost 100,000 candidates applied for this post that is why the test was taken in 8 batches. And given below is the 8th batch’s past paper.
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past paper of customs officer 2018 batch viii
 1.    First Lady Chief Justice of Pakistan Took charge as a High Court Chief Justice in which of the following Province of Pakistan:
a)    Punjab High Court
b)    Baluchistan High Court
c)    Sindh High Court
d)    KPK High Court
Custom Inspector Past paper
2.    What is the SI unit of Current?
a)    Volt
b)    Ampere
c)    Coulomb
d)    Hertz

3.    Pakistan is in which of the following zone?
a)    South
b)    North
c)    East
d)    None of these
Custom Inspector Past paper
4.    25) Which is the most abundant element in earth crust?
a)    Oxygen
b)    Nitrogen
c)    Hydrogen
d)    Aluminum

5.    Who is Federal Minister for Defence Production in 2018 in Imran Khan’s Cabinet?
a)    Ms. Zubaida Jalal
b)    Mr. Pervaiz Khattak
c)    Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi
d)    Dr. Muhammad Farogh Nasim

6.    In which of the following country begging is a crime?
a)    Saudi Arabia
b)    United Arab Emirate
c)    India
d)    Pakistan

7.    Beneath the earth in molten form is called:
a)    Lava
b)    Gas
c)    Solid
d)    None

8.    To prevent shock what is used in circuit breaker?
a)    Ammeter
b)    Voltmeter
c)    Fuse
d)    None
Custom Inspector Past paper
9.    6 Nations International Hockey tournament is hosted by:
a)    Pakistan
b)    Uzbekistan
c)    Turkmenistan
d)    None

10.  Ghani was the title of:
a)    Hazrat Ali RA
b)    Hazrat Usman RA
c)    Hazrat Umar RA
d)    None of the above
Custom inspector Past paper
11.  Who discovered Electrons?
a)    Madam Currie
b)    J. J. Thomson
c)    Einstein
d)    None of these

12.  Current is the following of:
a)    Protons
b)    Electrons
c)    Neutrons
d)    None
Custom Inspector Past paper
13.  The command used in powerpoint to Centre Align is:
a)    CTRL + A
b)    CTRL + L
c)    CTRL + E
d)    CTRL + R

14.  Who was KPK’s first Governor after independence:
a)    Sir George Cunningham
b)    I. I. Chundrigar
c)    Qurban Ali Shah
d)    Khawaja Shahabuddin
Custom Inspector Past paper
15.  What is the average of ¼, ¼, ¼, ½, ½, and ¼?
a)    ½
b)    1/3
c)    ¼
d)    1/5

16.  What is the LCM of 196, 56, 28, and 14? (I forget Exact Numbers)
a)    734
b)    392
c)    432
d)    543
Custom Inspector Past paper
17.  A husband spends 35% of his income on house rent and buys household things with the 75% of remaining what is his savings?
a)    16.25%
b)    10.5%
c)    12.75%
d)    25%

Custom Inspector Past paper
18.  There was a question x/a = y/a type (I forget the exact question).
a)    2, 5
b)    1,2
c)    3,5
d)    2,3

19.  He is standing ______ the door.
a)    On
b)    At
c)    In
d)    By
Custom Inspector Past paper
20.  According to grammar “As well as” is:
a)    Interjection
b)    Conjunction
c)    Proposition
d)    None of these

21.  Who was the key holder of Kaaba?
a)    Usman Ibn e Talha
b)    Abuzar Ghafari
c)    Ali RA
d)    None

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