Customs Inspector Solved Paper Batch-2 (24-04-2019) - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Customs Inspector Solved Paper Batch-2 (24-04-2019)

Batch-02 Customs Inspector Solved Paper

This is the Batch-2 Customs Inspector Past Paper took on 24-04-2019 by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission). This was the second batch of the day which timing starts at 2pm. We have also uploaded all other Batches Papers on the same website, please visit to find all batches papers of Customs Inspector 2019.
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Batch2 Customs Inspector Solved Paper
1.    CNG stands for:
Compressed Natural Gas

2.    Key to spell check is:

3.    Name of Malaysia king is:
Sultan Abdullah

4.    Father of Allam Iqbal is:
Sheikh Noor Muhammad

5.    Which of the following is an organic compound:

6.    The US imposes 60 Billion Dollar tariff on which country:

7.    The difference between two complete square number ending with 9 is:

8.    While it started raining, we _____ cricket.
Were Playing

9.    Which of the following pair is scalar quantity:
distance and speed

10.  Find LCM 3,5,15, 25

11.  The product of 2 numbers is 500, there LCM is 100, what is their HCF:

12.  Belgium men hockey team won the world cup for the:
1st time

13.  King Muhammad bin salman visited Pakistan on:
17 Feb 2019

14.  1st president of Pakistan was:
Iskandar mirza

15.  Spirit of Islam is written by:
Syed Ameer Ali

16.  Which key is used in powerpoint to go to 1st slide
Ctrl + home

17.  250 is 2.5 percent of which number:

18.  Which country proposed India Maldives china corridor:

19.  Speed of Light is:
300000 km/s

20.  Excel usually has what kind of document:
Work Sheet.

21.  How to measure very high temperature through:

22.  Sound waves are:
Longitudinal Wave

23.  vector magnitude will be high at:

24.  Which country recently left UNESCO?
United States

25.  Projectile motion maximum at what angle:
45 degree

26.  Hazrat Ayesha (RA) narrated hadith:

27.  The sun shines in the sky

28.  Hasina Wajid won 4th consecutive terms of Elections:

29.  Ahzab means

30.  The beautiful reciter of Quran Pak during H.Muhammad reign/life:

31.  France friendship treaty with which country:

32.  Allama Iqbal joined All India Muslim League in:

33.  1st female high court judge of Pakistan is:

34.  Under root, a2-b2 is equal to:

35.  US new security adviser to Trump:

36.  Product of under root 18x and under root 8x is:

37.  What is a collinear point

38.  World first democracy according to the economic democratic index:

39.  I _______________ to meeting on next Monday
Options: shall be going, will be going, am going

40.  Which window is open when MS Database is opened

41.  How to change the arrow to open in MS Office:

42.  Allama Iqbal got the title of sir? 

43.  How to delete a column:

44.  How many clicks needed to edit a chart:

45.  Surah Tobah importance 

46.  How to edit powerpoint slide:

47.  NASA and Us launch project to discover new planets outside:

48.  Mass of projectile is dependent on:

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