Customs Officer 2018 Past Paper Batch3 - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Customs Officer 2018 Past Paper Batch3

Batch-3 Past Paper of Customs Inspector 

This is the past paper of Customs Inspector Batch3 taken on September 10, 2018, in the morning session. On September 10, 2018, there were two sessions, in the first session test for batch3 was taken and in the afternoon session test for batch 4 was taken. This test for customs inspector was divided into 8 batches, everyday test for two batches was taken by FPSC. There was a total of 100 Multiple Short Questions.

Note*: The questions related to current affairs may have different answers because their answers are according to the September 2018. So be careful on those questions.

Customs Officer Past Papers 2019

1.    What is Freedom Sentinel?
US Military Operation in Afghanistan

2.    2023 Cricket World Cup will be played in which if the following Country?

3.    Which is the fastest rotating planet of our solar system?

4.    Greatest spots are on which planet?

5.    Spots seen on Jupiter are actually ____?

6.    Which Planet is known as the Bodyguard planet of the earth?

7.    Which The planet is the brightest planet of our Solar System?

8.    Pakistan Resolution was translated into Urdu By?
Sir Zafar Ullah Khan

9.    Common Wealth Games 2018 was the ______ edition of Common Wealth Games?

10. Common Wealth Games 2022 will start from?
22 July 2022

11. Name the PTI candidate who was martyred in D.I.Khan?
Ikram Ullah Gandapur

12. Ctrl + U in excel is used to ______?

13. Microsoft Excel is which type of software?
Trial ware software

14. Extension of the Excel file is_______?

15. To open visual basic in Excel which keys are used?

16. Blue lines in Microsoft the word indicates what?
Grammatical Mistakes

17. Zaboor was revealed on which Prophet?
Hazrat Dawood (A.S)

18. What is selected by pressing F8 key thrice in MS Word?

19. A nanometer is equal to ______?

20. The Speed of Light is __________.
300000 KM/s

21. When White light passes through a prism, it splits into how many colors?

22. In very low temperature which from the following will freeze in last?
Sea Water

23. CNG stands for _______?
Compressed Natural Gas

24. Which from the following is not a conductor?
All are conductors

25. Zakat Ratio on Wealth is _________.

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