Data Entry Operator Past Papers 2017 - Solved Paper

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Data Entry Operator Past Papers 2017

Data Entry Operator in the Police Department

This is the Data Entry Operator Past Paper 2017. This Data Entry Operator past paper was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) in 2017. These Data Entry Operator Jobs were in the Punjab Police Department. Syllabus for this Data Entry Operator past paper was Computer related. There were 100 Multiple Short Questions (MCQs). Given below are few of those MCQs from the original past paper of data entry operator 2017.
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past paper pf data entry operator
1.       _____ can be used for marking a multiple Choice Question:
a)      Optical mark reader
b)      Bar code reader
c)       Mouse
d)      All of these
2.       PCI is an expansion slot, it stands for:
a)      Personal Computer Interconnect
b)      Peripheral Component Interconnect
c)       Principle Component Incorrect
d)      Component Incorrect
3.       The inventor of Computer Mouse was a/an _____ engineer?
a)      American
b)      British
c)       Russian
d)      German
4.       _____ is a silicon chip which carries the outset of instructions and processes the data efficiently and accurately.
a)      RAM
b)      Modem
c)       Processor
d)      Hard disk
5.       _____ is also known, mechanical agent.
a)      Fingerprint reader
b)      Barcode reader
c)       Robot
d)      Computer
6.       In MS Word 2007, which shortcut key is used to switch to Print Layout view?
a)      ALT+SHIFT+P
b)      ALT+CTRL+O
c)       SHIFT+CTRL+O
d)      CTRL+P
7.       Individual dots, which make up a picture on the monitor the screen is called:
a)      Reels
b)      Pixels
c)       Colored Spots
d)      Colorless  Spots
8.        _____ is a collection of program that supervises and control the overall function of a computer.
a)      Operating system
b)      Device drivers
c)       Utility programs
d)      MS Office
9.       Fax Viewer is an (an):
a)      Productivity software
b)      Utility program
c)       Business software
d)      Educational software
10.   _____ controls, coordinates and directs all the operations performed by the computer.
a)      ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit)
b)      CU (Control Unit)
c)       AU (Arithmetic Unit)
d)      LU (Logic Unit)
11.   _____ is a grid of individual pixels that collectively compose an image.
a)      Vector graphic
b)      Raster Graphic
c)       Color Graphic
d)      Negative Films
12.   In MS Word 2007, which shortcut key is used to replace text or specific formatting?
a)      CTRL+H
b)      CTRL+T
c)       CTRL+I
d)      CTRL+SHIFT+I
13.   _____ is used to create visual presentations with the help of audio and videos clips.
a)      Productivity software
b)      Entertainment software
c)       Multimedia software
d)      Graphic software
14.   In MS Word 2007, which shortcut key is used to insert a comment?
a)      ALT+CTRL+M
b)      ALT+CTRL+C
c)       SHIFTC+CTRL+C
d)      ALT+CTRL+M
15.   _____ is computer software whose user interface and API resembles that of a printer driver.
a)      Virtual Printer
b)      Plotter
c)       Dye-Sublimation Printer
d)      Impact Printer
16.   _____ contains a magnetic strip.
a)      Speakers
b)      Credit card
c)       Smart card
d)      All of these
17.   Physical parts of the computer that we can see and touch is known as:
a)      Software
b)      Hardware
c)       Both A and B
d)      Computer program
18.   LED printer uses   to cause toner adhesion to the printer drum:
a)      Laser beam
b)      An array of LEDs
c)       Ink
d)      Impact Printing method
19.   In MS World 2007, which shortcut key is used to move a selected paragraph up?
d)      ALT+TAB+
20.   _____ is used for criminal investigations and security system. Some computers use it for login and user authentication.
a)      Barcode reader
b)      Computer code reader
c)       Fingerprint reader
d)      Secret code reader
21.   A computer is an electric machine which process _____ into meaningful Information.
a)      Input
b)      Output
c)       Both A and B
d)      Graphics
22.   Window Explore is an:
a)      Educational software
b)      Utility program
c)       Entertainment software
d)      Reference software
23.   _____ devices hold data and instructions.
a)      Storage
b)      Input
c)       Output
d)      Processor
24.   The main circuit board of a computer is known as:
a)      Modem
b)      Processor
c)       RAM
d)      Motherboard
25.   UNIVAC stands for:
a)      Universal Automatic Computer
b)      Used Auto Computer
c)       Universal Array Computer
d)      Unused Automatic Computer 

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