Data Entry Operator Punjab Police - Solved Paper

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Data Entry Operator Punjab Police

Past Papers of Data Entry Operator

Given below is the Past Papers of Data Entry Operator 2016 which was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). PPSC took this test for the post of Data Entry Operator in Punjab Police Department. Given below are solved and original questions from the data entry operator past papers. We are uploading more original papers every day, so subscribe to our website to get these papers directly into your inbox. Stay connected stay blessed.

Past Papers of Data Entry Operator
1.       ______ are used to display data.
a)      Storage devices
b)      Communication devices
c)       Input devices
d)      Output devices

2.       _____ is a set of light and dark bars (lines) different width pasted on different products, which contain information about product.
a)      Barcode
b)      Secret code
c)       Computer code
d)      Fingerprint

3.       VAB stands for:
a)      Voice auto broadcasting
b)      Visual 8 audio broadcasting
c)       Voice answer back
d)      None of these

4.       MS PowerPoint is a/an example of:
a)      Multimedia software
b)      Graphics software
c)       Spreadsheet
d)      Entertainment software

5.       In Windows Operating System ______ is known as a File Manager.
a)      Windows Explorer
b)      MS Word
c)       MS Excel
d)      Device Driver

6.       ______ helps the user to locate, rename, move, copy and delete files.
a)      File Manager
b)      MS Word
c)       Device Driver
d)      MS Excel

7.       The robot is a machine which is controlled by the software contained in a chip is used in the field of:
a)      Manufacturing
b)      Military
c)       Medical
d)      All of these

8.       'Add or Remove programs" is a/an:
a)      Productivity software
b)      File manager
c)       Utility program
d)      Device driver

9.       Which of the following component of a computer works like the human brain?
a)      RAM
b)      Processor
c)       DVD drive
d)      Power supply

10.   Windows Media player is a/an:
a)      Utility program
b)      Entertainment software
c)       Operating system
d)      Educational software

11.   Which of the following contains startup instructions of the computer and information about its hardware devices?
a)      RAM
b)      ROM
c)       Processor
d)      CD

12.   3D printing is also known as:
a)      Virtual Printing
b)      Additive Manufacturing (AM)
c)       Dye-sublimation Printing
d)      Impact Printing

13.   In MS Word 2007, which shortcut key is used for “go to a page, bookmark, footnote table, comment, graphic, or other location”
a)      CTRL + H
b)      CTRL + G
c)       Alt + H
d)      ALT + SHIFT + H

14.   Main type(s) of software is/are:
a)      System Software
b)      Application Software
c)       Request Software
d)      Both A and B

15.   Software is also called:
a)      A computer program
b)      The physical part of the computer
c)       Input device
d)      Output device

16.   PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an example of:
a)      Vector graphics
b)      Raster graphics
c)       Color graphics
d)      Negative films

17.   Types of computer memory are:
a)      Two
b)      Four
c)       Three
d)      Six

18.   Daisy Wheel Printing is an example of:
a)      Thermal Printing
b)      Impact Printing
c)       Laser Printing
d)      Liquid Inkjet Printing

19.   Barcode Reader is a/an:
a)      Input device
b)      Output device
c)       Storage device
d)      Display device

20.   ______ is used to transmit digital data over telephone lines.
a)      Network card
b)      Sound card
c)       Graphics card
d)      Modem

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