FIA Constable Past Papers 2018 - Solved Paper

Saturday, April 6, 2019

FIA Constable Past Papers 2018

Constable In FIA BPS-5 Past Papers

Given below is the original past paper of Constable FIA BPS-5. This past paper of constable FIA was taken on 5 August 2018. This Constable past paper was taken by OTS (Open Testing Service). There were 50 MCQs (Multiple Short Questions) in that paper. There was no negative marking in that paper of Constable FIA. The original paper is also attached you can download it from the last of this post. MCQs from FIA past papers Constable OTS (BS-05) 2018 Federal Government Agency (FIA), Government of Pakistan based on OTS.
Last Date: 05/03/2018

FIA Constable Past Papers
1.       Who purposed the name of Pakistan:
a)      Zafar Ali Khan
b)      Muhammad Ali Johor
c)       Ch Rehmat Ali
d)      Quid e Azam
2.       When Pakistan and India have first war:
a)      1956
b)      1962
c)       1965
d)      1971
3.       When Sindh-Taas agreement was don between Pakistan and India?
a)      1956
b)      1960
c)       1967
d)      1972
4.       When Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) came into being:
a)      1995
b)      1996
c)       1990
d)      1998
5.       Who was the first lady pilot of Pakistan:
a)      Aiyasha Farooqi
b)      Mariam Mukhtar
c)       Sana Meer
d)      Hina Rabbani Khar
6.       Which country is in the south of Pakistan:
a)      Russia
b)      China
c)       Arabic Ocean
d)      Sudan
7.       When did Quid e Azam die:
a)      3 June 1947
b)      14 August 1947
c)       25 December 1876
d)      11 September 1948
8.       In which Continent Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) lies:
a)      Africa
b)      Europe
c)       Asia
d)      Greenland
9.       What is the currency of Sri Lanka:
a)      Dollar
b)      Pound
c)       Rupiah
d)      Dinar
10.   When the United Nations (UN) came into being:
a)      October 1945
b)      July 1948
c)       August 1991
d)      December 1877
11.   Which is the largest country of the world according to population:
a)      India
b)      China
c)       Pakistan
d)      USA
12.   Which of the following cricketer has the highest score in the test:
a)      Brayan Lara
b)      Sachin Tendulkar
c)       Saeed Anwar
d)      Imran Khan
13.   Which of the following landed for the first time on the moon:
a)      Micki Arthur
b)      Neil Armstrong
c)       Cris Gayle
d)      Rahway
14.   What is the height of K-2:
a)      8855 Meter
b)      8844 Meter
c)       8611 Meter
d)      8000 Meter
15.   Which of the following is the smallest planet of our solar system:
a)      Earth
b)      Mars
c)       Pluto
d)      Jupiter

First Page 1-23 Questions

fia constable past paper 2018

2nd Page 24-50 Questions:

past paper of constable 2018

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