Food Safety Officer | PPSC Past Papers - Solved Paper

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Food Safety Officer | PPSC Past Papers

Solved Papers of Food Safety Officer

This is the past paper of the Food Safety Officer taken by Punjab Public Service Commission in 2016. This Past paper of Food Safety Officer was in Punjab Food Department. Only the qualified candidates from Punjab Province were eligible for this post of Food Safety Officer 2016. The Basic Pay Scale of Food Safety Officer is BPS-17. Graduation was the requirement for this post.

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Punjab food department past papers
1.    From which university did Allama Iqbal obtain his Ph.D. degree?
a)    Oxford
b)    Cambridge
c)    Munich
d)    Heidelberg
2.    In the field of Information technology, what does URL stand for?
a)    Uniform Resource Locator
b)    Universal Resource Locator
c)    Uniform Resource Link
d)    United Resource Link

3.    To 'clip, the wind' means to:
a)    Put pressure
b)    Remove limits
c)    Reduce Length
d)    Put limits

4.    'Synagogue' Is a place of worship for the:
a)    Buddhists
b)    Zoroastrians
c)    Jews
d)    Roman Catholics

5.    Identify the correct sentence
a)    His silence tantamount to a refusal
b)    His silence is tantamount to a refusal.
c)    His silence is transmuting to refusal
d)    His silence tantamounted to refusal

6.    The famous Badshahi Mosque located in Lahore was built by:
a)    Jahangir
b)    Shahjahan
c)    Akbar
d)    Aurangzeb

7.    Who became the Governor of Pakistan after Khwaja Nizamuddin?
a)    Liaquat Ali Khan
b)    Ghulam Muhammad
c)    Muhammad All Bogra
d)    Ch. Muhammad Ali

8.    Name the pamphlet issued by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali In which the name Pakistan was used for the first time:
a)    Do or Die
b)    Independent Homeland
c)    Freedom or Death
d)    Now or Never

9.    Who was the world's first female Prime Minister of a country?
a)    Margaret Thatcher
b)    Sriamvo Bandaranaike
c)    Golda Melt
d)    Indira Gandi

10.  What does LED stand for:
a)    Low Emission Diode
b)    Low Energy Device
c)    Light Emitting Diode
d)    Laser Energy Display

11.  Myopia can be corrected by using which kind of lens?
a)    Convex
b)    Concave
c)    Dive mina
d)    None of these

12.  What is the significance of 17 August 1988 in Pakistan's history?
a)    Prime Minister Junejo's Government was dismissed
b)    Gen. Zia-ul-Haq died in a plane crash
c)    No confidence motion against Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was moved
d)    Parliament was dissolved by General Zia-ul-Haq

13.  Recently Pakistani born British boxer, Amir Khan lost a boxing bout against Saul Canelo Alvarez. To which country does Canelo Alvarez belong?
a)    USA
b)    UK
c)    Brazil
d)    Mexico

14.  Which sea did Hazrat Musa (A.S) cross by miraculously parting the water?
a)    Red Sea
b)    Mediterranean Sea
c)    Caspian Sea
d)    Bering Sea

15.  Identify the correct spellings:
a)    Beginning
b)    Begnning
c)    Biginning
d)    Begginning

16.  Aung San Sochi is a prominent political leader of which country?
a)    Philippines
b)    Myanmar
c)    Laos
d)    Vietnam

17.  Which punctuation mark is used afterward?
a)    Hyphen
b)    Exclamation
c)    Mark Colon
d)    Apostrophe

18.  What is the antonym of FRAIL?
a)    Strong
b)    Weak
c)    Secure
d)    Frivolous

19.  When was Hajj declared as obligatory (Farz)?
a)    7 Hijri
b)    8 Hijri
c)    9 Hijri
d)    10 Hijri

20.  Which part of the human body is affected by Hepatitis C?
a)    Kidneys
b)    Spleen
c)    Pancreas
d)    Liver

21.  Which country would host the next (19th) SAARC Summit Conference?
a)    Bangladesh
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    Pakistan
d)    Maldives

22.  On the following which one is not an input device?
a)    Keyboard
b)    Mouse
c)    Joystick
d)    Monitor

23.  A person whose attitude is 'Eat, drink and be merry’ is called:
a)    Cynic
b)    Stoic
c)    Epicurean
d)    Capitalist

24.  The sun is a:
a)    Planet
b)    Meteor
c)    Star
d)    Asteroid

25.  What was the significance of the annual session of All India Muslim League held in December 1930?
a)    Quid e Azam presented his fourteen pints
b)    Allama Iqbal delivered Allah Abad address
c)    Lahore resolution was drafted

d)    Quid e Azam was elected as permanent president of all India Muslim League

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