Inspector Anti-Corruption Past Paper - Solved Paper

Monday, April 8, 2019

Inspector Anti-Corruption Past Paper

Past Paper of Inspector Anti-Corruption Division

This is the past paper of Inspector in Anti-Corruption Establishment of the Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD). This Past Paper of Inspector Anti-Corruption Division was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in 2016. The syllabus for this Inspector Past Paper was Math, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pakistan Studies, everyday science. There was a total of 100 multiple short questions (MCQs). There was also negative marking for every wrong answer.
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inspector past papers

1.       In MS Excel, to create a formula, you first:
a)      Select the cell you want to place the formula Into
b)      Type the equals sign to tell Excel that you're about to enter s formula
c)       Enter the formula using any input values and the appropriate mathematical operators that make up your form
d)      Choose the new command from the File Menu
2.       Rehearsal; Performance` identify similar relationship from the options.
a)      Entrapment', Game
b)      Engagement: Marriage
c)       Applause; Audience
d)      Antidote; comeback
3.       Synonym of 'Eminent" is:
a)      Clever
b)      Ambitious
c)       Cunning
d)      Famous
4.       Ahmed Mujtaba, an upcoming sports star from Quetta recently won a prestigious championship in Feather Weight clan. In which the game did he win?
a)      Boxing
b)      Wrestling
c)       Taekwondo
d)      Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
5.       If 4 out of 28 candidates failed a driving test what percentage of pass candidates is:
a)      4%
b)      21%
c)       42%
d)      84%
6.       Who was the Prime Minister when Pakistan's first Constitution was framed?
a)      Muhammad Ali Bogra
b)      Ch. Muhammad Ali
c)       Khawaja Nazimudin
d)      Perez Khan Noon
7.       Who was Nicolas Sarkozy?
a)      Former German Chancellor
b)      Former Canadian President
c)       Former French President
d)      Former Prime Minister of Italy
8.       A thing of beauty is a joy forever' is a famous line from a poem written by:
a)      Wordsworth
b)      Keats
c)       Shelly
d)      Byron
9.       Choose the correct sentence:
a)      She resembles her mother
b)      She resembles with her mother
c)       She resembles her cousin
d)      The two brothers resemble each other
10.   Which dam was built first in Pakistan?
a)      Warsak
b)       Mangla
c)       Tarbela
d)      Khusghdil Khan
11.   Spanish archeologists in Luxor, Egypt recently discovered an approximately 3000 years old in _____ in near perfect condition.
a)      Human Mummy
b)      Jewels
c)       Fossils
d)      Animal body
12.   Almost 40% of the world's oil supply passes through the strait of:
a)      Hormuz
b)      Malacca
c)       Bosporus
d)      Gibraltar
13.   Which of the following crop is most water-consuming?
a)      Sugarcane
b)      Cotton
c)       Wheat
d)      Maze
14.   The function print() works like printf(), but operates on:
a)      String
b)      Std
c)       Data in a file
d)      Stderr
15.   Which symptom is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D?
a)      Anemia
b)      Weak Bones
c)       Constipation
d)      Vomiting

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