Past Paper of LDC 21-04-2019 - Solved Paper

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Past Paper of LDC 21-04-2019

Solved Past Paper of LDC (BS-09)

Given Below is the Original and Solved Past Paper of LDC in Motorway Police. The test was taken by PTS (Pakistan Testing Service). This Past Paper of Lower Division Clerk was held on April 21, 2019. This post of LDC was for all over Pakistan. Basic Pay scale for this post was BS-09. We are trying to get more questions, we will update them here when we have them. If you remember any other questions please comment below. And if you find any mistake please let us know through your comments or Email via the contact form.
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old paper of ldc 2019

1.    Pakistani Scientist who has won Nobel Prize is:
Dr. Abdul Salam

2.    How many daughters Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have from Hazrat Khadija (RA):
3.    Which is National bird of Pakistan?

4.    Second the highest peak in Pakistan?
Nanga parbat

5.    Coldest place of Pakistan?

6.    Divisions of Sindh?

7.    Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi?

8.    Naval Academy situated at?

9.    PAF College situated at?

10.  Kaleiji, Kadharo, and Keenjhar Lake located in?

11.  Masjid Qibltain located in?

12.  The first Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Liaqat Ali Khan

13.  The second woman embraced Islam:
Lubaba Bint-e-Harith (R.A)

14.  River Neil called Sayed Ul Anhar by?
Umar R.A

15.  Umrah performed by Holy Prophet?

16.  Age of Holy Prophet when Arab rebuilt Kabba?
35 years (Check)

17.  Literally, the meaning of Taharat?

18.  Which prophet weeping on the destruction of his nation?
Shoaib (A.S)

19.  Pakistan standard time is given by?
Professor Mohammad Anwar

20.  Construction of the Saindak project with the help of?

21.  Airforce day?
September 7

22.   F-12?
Save as

23.  Ctrl+G?
Open find and a dialogue box with activating Go to the tab

24.  Display the field codes?

25.  The default font size of a new Word document based on the normal template?
12 pt

26.  Change the __ to create a document-wide format?
Page orientation

27.  Ctrl+S?
Save with the same name

28.  Min: rows and Min:
Columns in a table? 1 and 1, respectively

29.  Zoroastrians worship?

30.  What will happen if you choose Insert>>Picture>>Clipart?
It opens a clipart taskbar 

31.  Capital of Gilgit Baltistan?


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