Past Paper of Patrol Officer 2014 | FPSC Past Papers - Solved Paper

Friday, April 12, 2019

Past Paper of Patrol Officer 2014 | FPSC Past Papers

Patrol Officer 2014 Past Papers

This is the 2014 Past Paper of Patrol Officer. Patrol Officer is a prominent post in Highway and Motorway Police Department. Patrol Officer is a BS-14 job, which is equal to Sub-Inspector of Punjab Police. We have uploaded syllabus and past papers for this post. You can go through them for the preparation of the upcoming paper of Patrol Officer.
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Patrol Office Past paper 2019

1.    Which of the following Vitamin helps in clotting of blood?
a.    Vitamin K
b.    Vitamin D
c.    Vitamin A
d.    Vitamin B1

2.    Which of the following is the main constituent of Hemoglobin?
a.    Chlorine
b.    Calcium
c.    Iron
d.    Protein

3.    Trachoma is the disease of which of the following organ?
a.    Heart
b.    Brain
c.    Eye
d.    Liver

4.    Which of the following gas is used in balloons?
a.    Carbon Dioxide
b.    Oxygen
c.    Helium
d.    Nitrogen

5.    Which of the following vitamin is necessary for the proper functioning of eyes?
a.    Vitamin D
b.    Vitamin A
c.    Vitamin C
d.    Vitamin B

6.    Which of the following stimulant is present in tea leaves?
a.    Phosphorous
b.    Rheine
c.    Caffeine
d.    Bromine

7.    Identify which of the following disease is caused by a virus?
a.    Smallpox
b.    Malaria
c.    Tuberculosis
d.    Cholera

8.    Which of the following is the closest planet to the earth?
a.    Moon
b.    Jupiter
c.    Mercury
d.    Venus

9.    Which of the following are three primary colors?
a.    Red, Orange, Blue
b.    Red, Yellow, Blue
c.    White, Black, Blued
d.    Red, Green, Blue

10.  The Vegetable which is rich in vitamin A?
a.    Onion
b.    Potato
c.    Radish
d.    Carrot

11.  Identify which of the following us essential for proper formation of teeth?
a.    Iron
b.    Florin
c.    Copper
d.    Iodine

12.  Wind energy is a type of which of the following energy?
a.    Mechanical Energy
b.    Kinetic Energy
c.    Traverse Energy
d.    Potential Energy

13.  Which of the following invented battery?
a.    Newton
b.    Maximus
c.    Excide
d.    Volta

14.  A gas heater transfer heat to us by?
a.    Radiation
b.    Convention
c.    Conduction
d.    None of the above

15.  Deficiency of vitamin A can cause us?
a.    Throat Infection
b.    Diabetes
c.    Rickets
d.    Night blindness

16.  Which of the following was the Defense Minister of Pakistan in 2014?
a.    Pervaiz Rasheed
b.    Raheel Sharif
c.    Ishaq Dar
d.    Khawaja Asif

17.  The country with the largest oil reserves in the world is?
a.    Canada
b.    Venezuela
c.    Iran
d.    Saudi Arabia

18.  How many constituencies were demanded by Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf to open to check the election rigging?
a.    20 constituencies
b.    10 constituencies
c.    5 constituencies
d.    4 constituencies

19.  Baglihar Dam is constructed on which of the following rivers?
a.    River Sutluj
b.    River Sindh
c.    River Ravi
d.    River Chenab

20.  Who was the Baan Ki Moon?
a.    Secretary General of UNO
b.    Prime Minister of Cuba
c.    President of Sudan
d.    Prime Minister of Japan

21.  Which of the following Mughal Emperor built the Taj Mahal?
a.    Humayun
b.    Akbar
c.    Shah Jahan
d.    Aurangzeb

22.  What is NATO?
a.    Cultural Alliance
b.    Political Alliance
c.    Military Alliance
d.    Economics Alliance

23.  BBC is a news agency of which of the following country?
a.    Germany
b.    France
c.    United Kingdom
d.    United States of America

24.  What is the Location of the Suez Canal?
a.    Palestine
b.    Nigeria
c.    Libya
d.    Egypt

25.  Identify which of the following is the No. 1 player of Tennis?
a.    Serena Williams
b.    Maria Sharapova
c.    Victoria Azarenka
d.    None of the above

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