Past Papers of Land Record Officer - Solved Paper

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Past Papers of Land Record Officer

Land Record Officer BS-16

This past paper of Land Record Officer was taken by PPSC in 2016. The pay scale for this post of Land Record Officer was BS-16. This Land Record Officer job was in Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA). This was all over the Punjab Vacancy. There was a total of 100 Multiple Short Questions. Syllabus for this post was General Knowledge, Science, Math, Islamic Studies, and Pakistan Studies.
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ppsc past papers 2016
1.       Dr. Christian Barnard performed first ever heart transplant on a human: which country was he from?
a)      USA
b)      Switzerland
c)       South Africa
d)      New Zealand
2.       The solidified form of which gas is known as 'Dry Ice'?
a)      Hydrogen Chloride
b)      Carbon dioxide
c)       Nitrogen Oxide
d)       Ammonia
3.       Second Battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 A.D. between':
a)      Sher Shah Suri and Humayun
b)      Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marathas
c)       Zaheer Ud Din Saber and Ibrahim Lodhi
d)      None of those
4.       Find the correctly punctuated sentence from the following sentences:
a)      Ales, his father has died.
b)      Alas, His father has died.
c)       Alas his father has died.
d)      Alas: His father has died.
5.       Who postulated the theory of natural selection in evacuation?
a)      Talbot
b)      Jam Lazio
c)       Joseph Lister
d)      Darwin
6.       Mahmud Ghazni was son of:
a)      Qutubuddin Albek
b)      Subuktagin
c)       Muhammad Ghauri
d)      Muhammad Tuglaq
7.       Justice delayed is justice _____:
a)      Denied
b)      Delayed
c)       Deprived
d)      Deferred
8.       Choose the Synonym of INVEIGH:
a)      To carry
b)      Remonstrate
c)       Entice
d)      Encroach
9.       'Kigali' is the capital of:
a)      Niger
b)      Mauritania
c)       Liberia
d)      Rwanda
10.   Which of the following numbers is divisible by 72?
a)      4653
b)      4818
c)       4501
d)      4404
11.   If the day before yesterday was Saturday then the day after tomorrow will be:
a)      Tuesday
b)      Wednesday
c)       Thursday
d)      Friday
12.   The Romans triumphed _____ the Greeks.
a)      On
b)      at
c)       Over
d)      Upon
13.   Which type of device is a computer mouse?
a)      Output
b)      input
c)       Data
d)      Storage
14.   The appointment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is made by:
a)      The Prime Minister
b)      The President
c)       Supreme Judicial Council
d)      Parliament
15.   Which Surah of Quran Pak enlists the Categories of people eligible to receive Zakat?
a)      Al-Imran
b)      Beni-Israel
c)       Yasen
d)      Tauba
16.   In which battle British forces led by Duke of Wellington defeated French forces led by Napoleon Bonaparte?
a)      Battle of Waterloo
b)      Battle of Leipzig
c)       Battle of Borodino
d)      War of Roses
17.   Which word does not belong with the others?
a)      Inch
b)      Ounce
c)        Centimeter
d)      Yard
18.   Shortcut for printing a document in MS-Word is:
a)      CTRL + Z
b)      CTRL + Q
c)       CTRL + P
d)      SIFT + P
19.   Where Is Hazrat Nizamudeen Aulia buried?
a)      Ajmeer Sharif
b)      Delhi
c)       Multan
d)      Karachi
20.   When a gas turns into a liquid the process is called:
a)      Condensation
b)      Evaporation
c)       Deposition
d)      Sublimation

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