Past Papers of Patrol Officer 2017 - Solved Paper

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Past Papers of Patrol Officer 2017

2017 Patrol Officer Past Papers

A patrol officer is a BS-14 post in Highway and Motorway Police Department. Test for this post was taken in 2017. FPSC handle all the process of the requirement for this post. This is the Past Paper of Patrol Officer 2017. We have uploaded all the past papers of Patrol Officer and Customs Inspector. These past papers will be guiding for upcoming papers of Patrol Officer and Customs Inspector 2019.
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2019 Patrol Officer Past Papers

1.     Deosai National Park is located in which of the following part of Pakistan?
a.     Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
b.     Potohar-Punjab
c.      Gilgit-Baltistan
d.     Baluchistan
2.     Which of the following killed Hazrat Umar (RA)?
a.     Quresh Makkah
b.     Abu Lulu Feroz
c.      Abdul Rehman ibn M
3.     The United States of America purchased Alaska in 1867 from?
a.     Mexico
b.     France
c.      Russia
d.     Canada
4.     With which of the following, first Anglo Sikh war was fought?
a.     East India Company
b.     Portages
c.      British
d.     None of the above
5.     Angela Markel is chancellor of which of the following country?
a.     Belgium
b.     France
c.      Italy
d.     Germany
6.      Who was the opposite candidate of Emmanuel Macron the youngest ever president of France?
a.     Nicolas Sarkozy
b.     David Cameron
c.      Francois Holland
d.     None of the above
7.     Which of the following countries play ashes series of cricket?
a.     Pakistan and Sri Lanka
b.     Australia and India
c.      Australia and South Africa
d.     Australia and England
8.     Leonel Messy is a famous player of which of the following game?
a.     Football
b.     Tennis
c.      Hockey
d.     Cricket
9.     Identify which country is not a member of ASEAN?
a.     Cambodia
b.     Singapore
c.      Philippines
d.     Indonesia
10.                  Which of the following was the first lady prime minister of the world?
a.     Benazir Bhutto
b.     Indira Gandhi
c.      Margaret Thatcher
d.     Sirimavo Bandaranaike
11.                  Razia Sultana the ruler of India belonged to which of the following dynasty?
a.     Slave Dynasty
b.     Ghouri Dynasty
c.      Moghul Dynasty
d.     Tughlaq Dynasty
12.                  Quid-e-Azam resigned from Congress on?
a.     April 13, 1923
b.     April 13, 1922
c.      April 13, 1921
d.     April 13, 1920
13.                  Which of the following are called shooting stars?
a.     Asteroid
b.     Star
c.      Meteor
d.     Planet
14.                  Iberian Peninsula belonged to which of the following continent?
a.     Europe
b.     Africa
c.      Asia
d.     America
15.                  How many feet are in one mile?
a.     5555
b.     5280
c.      5025
d.     4600
16.                  Mirage is due to which of the following?
a.     The polarization of light
b.     Deviation of light
c.      Reflection of Light
d.     Refraction of light
17.                  Keys on keyboard starting from F1 to F12 are called?
a.     Alphabet Keys
b.     Function Keys
c.      Numeric Keys
d.     Arrow Keys
18.                  The ability of a computer to automatically detect and configure a new device or hardware is called?
a.     Plug and Play
b.     Multiprogramming
c.      Multiprocessing
d.     Formatting
19.                  What is the abbreviation of GUI?
a.     Graphs under Interplay
b.     Graphical User Interfaces
c.      Graphical User Interfaced.     Graphics User Interface
20.                  Famous Painting the last supper was created by?
a.     Guljee
b.     Rembrandt
c.      Pablo Picasso
d.     Leonardo da Vinci
21.                  The largest pyramid built in ancient Egypt is?
a.     Great Pyramid at Cairo
b.     Great Pyramid at Giza
c.      Hugh pyramid at Giza
d.     None of the above
22.                  The Headquarter of the Islamic Military Alliance is in which of the following city?
a.     Riyadh
b.     Baghdad
c.      Tehran
d.     Jeddah
23.                  Fill in the blank. Birds of feather _______ together.
a.     Swim
b.     Flock
c.      Fly
d.     Sit
24.                  Programs such as Google,  Bing, Yahoo, internet Explorer, which are developed to view the World Wide Web is called?
a.     Browsers
b.     Operating Systems
c.      Internet
d.     Messenger
25.                  Which of the following was the first one to set foot on the moon?
a.     Edwin Aldrin
b.     Aalen Shepherd
c.      Neil Armstrong
d.     Yuri Gagarin
26.                  What is the source of natural rubber?
a.     Animal Waste
b.     Water weeds
c.      A kind of fish
d.     A special kind of tree
27.                  If the day before yesterday was Sunday then day after tomorrow will be?
a.     Sunday
b.     Saturday
c.      Friday
d.     Thursday
28.                  If 40 buffalos eat a bag of husk in 40 days, then one buffalo will eat a bag of husk in how many days?
a.     40
b.     38
c.      35
d.     30
29.                  Which the number is the odd  one in the series, 6, 9, 15, 21, 24, 28, 30
a.     30
b.     24
c.      21
d.     28
30.                  Quad-e-Azam presented his 14 points on?
a.     March, 1933
b.     March, 1930
c.      March, 1929

d.     December 1929

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