Patrol Officer 2018 Past Papers - Solved Paper

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Patrol Officer 2018 Past Papers

2018 Past Papers of Patrol Officer

This is the last past paper of Patrol Officer 2018. We have uploaded past papers of Patrol Officer 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. This material will be helpful for upcoming job tests. We wish all the aspirants of Patrol Officer 2019 and Customs Inspector 2019. 
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Past Papers of Patrol Officer 2019
1.     After the end of War in 1965, Pakistan and India signed which of the following pact?
a.    Soviet Pact
b.    Moscow Pact
c.    Tashkent Pact
d.    Bilateral Pact
2.     Who wrote the book “Friends not Masters”?
a.    Ch Muhammad Ali
b.    Pervez Musharraf
c.    Sikander Mirza
d.    Ayub Khan

3.     Famous firm M/S Kenzo Tange Associates, prepared the design of the Supreme Court building, firm belonged to which of the following country?
a.    Malaysia
b.    Pakistan
c.    Japan
d.    Korea

4.     I ______ this exam next year.
a.    Can take
b.    Shall take
c.    Would take
d.    Will take

5.     She was knocking ________ the door.
a.    On
b.    Over
c.    Of
d.    At

6.     Which of the following play is not written by William Shakespeare?
a.    Arms and the Man
b.    Comedy of Errors
c.    King Lear
d.    As you like it

7.     Grapes according to the grammar is?
a.    Adverb
b.    Noun
c.    Adjective
d.    None of the above

8.     On which of the following area of Pakistan Kulbushan Jadhav was arrested?
a.    Awaran
b.    Quetta
c.    Chaman
d.    Maskell

9.     The fiscal year of Pakistan starts from?
a.    1stSeptember
b.    1stJuly
c.    1stMarch
d.    1stJanuary

10.  What is the meaning of Audacious?
a.    Rigid
b.    Boastful
c.    Courageous
d.    Graceful

11.  Which of the following was the founder of the Mughal Empire?
a.    Akbar
b.    Sher Shah Suri
c.    Humayun
d.    Zahiruddin Babur

12.  When Pakistan won 50 over world cup?
a.    2003
b.    1999
c.    1992
d.    1996

13.  How many Nishan-e-Haider had been won by Pakistan Air Force?
a.    1
b.    2
c.    3
d.    4

14.  Which of the following Raja of Kashmir signed the Kashmir instrument of accession?
a.    Hari Singh
b.    Ranbir Singh
c.    Zorawar Singh
d.    Gulab Singh

15.  Which of the following country recently attacked Syria?
a.    Turkey
b.    USA
c.    Russia
d.    Iran

16.  Which of the following is the biggest barrage of Pakistan?
a.    Taunsa Barrage
b.    Lloyd (Sukkar) Barrage
c.    Kotri Barraged.    Islam Barrage

17.  What is the old name of Sukkar Barrage?
a.    Islam Barrage
b.    Guddu Barrage
c.    Lloyd Barrage
d.    Kotri Barrage

18.  Citizens of Vatican City lives in which of the following country?
a.    Italy
b.    UK
c.    Rome
d.    France

19.  Which of the following is the current President of Syria?
a.    Bashar al Asad
b.    Sadaq Vazeer Zadeh
c.    Bin Ali Yeldrum
d.    Syed Ali Khamenei

20.  Which of the following is the Donald Trump’s party?
a.    Labor Party
b.    American Congress
c.    Republican Party
d.    Democratic Party
21.  Which of the following is the title of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)?
a.    Jad-ul-Ambia
b.    Safi Ullah
c.    Kalim Ullah
d.    Khalil Ullah
22.  Which of the following country’s president name is Michel Aoun?
a.    Iraq
b.    Jorden
c.    Syria
d.    Lebanon
23.  People’s Liberation Army (PLA) belongs to which of the following country?
a.    Russia
b.    China
c.    Philippines
d.    Sierra Leone
24.  At which of the following day and night are almost equal?
a.    Equator
b.    Prime Meridian
c.    South Pole
d.    North Pole
25.  Which of the following Planet is nearest to the sun?
a.    Earth
b.    Mercury
c.    Mars
d.    Venus
26.  What is the number of Surah Yasin in Holy Quran?
a.    25
b.    20
c.    36
d.    40
27.  Complete the given series, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41,
a.    55
b.    50
c.    46
d.    43
28.   In a class, there are 18 girls and 12 boys, than boys fraction to the class is?
a.    2/5
b.    3/5
c.    2/3
d.    4/5
29.  Where is Kala Bagh?
a.    Peshawar
b.    Mianwali
c.    Mardan
d.    D. G. Khan
30.  What was the quality of Hazrat Ayub (AS)?
a.    Bravery
b.    Generosity
c.    Patience
d.    Sympathy

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