Patrol Officer Past Paper 2013 | FPSC Past Papers - Solved Paper

Friday, April 12, 2019

Patrol Officer Past Paper 2013 | FPSC Past Papers

Past Papers of Patrol Officer 2013

This is the Past paper of Patrol Officer which was taken in 2013 by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission). We also have uploaded the Syllabus of Patrol Officer and past papers of 2013 to 2018. These past papers will be very helpful for the upcoming test of Patrol officer which is going to held in April 2019.
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Past papers of Petrol Officer
1.    A bus is running on a road at 90 km/h, how much distance will it cover in 3 hours and 30 minutes?
a.    285 km
b.    315 km
c.    360 km
d.    300 km

2.    Find the value of “x” if y = 2x + 12, at y=0.
a.    1
b.    2
c.    -6
d.    6

3.    Arslan is 3 years younger than Kamal and 3 years older than Babur, Babur, and Denial are twins. How many years Kamal is older than Denial.
a.    12
b.    10
c.    6
d.    3

4.    After eating lunch at a cafeteria, three friends paid the bill of the food. Denial paid 2/3 as much as Afzal Paid and Afzal paid 1/2 as much as Iqbal paid. What fraction of the bill denial paid?
a.    5/8
b.    12/13
c.    1/3
d.    2/11

5.    If 100 pages are written by 100 students in 100 days, then 4 pages will be written by 4 students in how many days?
a.    100 days
b.    40 days
c.    4 days
d.    1 days

6.    There are a total of 4 numbers. 20 is the average of first 3 numbers and 19 is the average of last 3 numbers. If 22 is the last number then find the first number.
a.    25
b.    20
c.    19
d.    18

7.    There are an average of 30 passengers on a bus on Sundays. And 40 on the other days of the week. Find the average passengers for a month of 30 days starting from Sunday.
a.    1100
b.    1160
c.    1200
d.    1260

8.    Find the average of prime numbers between 30 and 40?
a.    33
b.    34
c.    45
d.    36

9.    If Mr. Kamal deposited 7500 rupees in a bank with an interest rate of 4% per annum, how much he will be paid as interest after two years.
a.    611
b.    612
c.    620
d.    635

10.  If the cost of 16 books is 240 rupees, then what will be the cost of 40 books?
a.    650
b.    630
c.    600
d.    590

11.  If we have to divide 7000 rupees among three friends, so that Asghar receives half as much as Bilawal receives, and Bilawal will receive half of the share of Kamran. Then what will be Kamran’s Share
a.    5000
b.    4000
c.    3000
d.    2000

12.  Write 25% in fractional form.
a.    2/4
b.    1/10
c.    1/5
d.    1/4

13.  Huma will be 5 times of her present age after 16 years. Find the present age of Huma?
a.    4
b.    10
c.    14
d.    15

14.  If Khalid travels a distance of 750 the meter on his bike in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Calculate his speed.
a.    19 km/h
b.    18 km/h
c.    17 km/h
d.    16 km/h

15.  If Amir can do work within 10 days, while the same work is done by Babur in 15 days. If both works to gather that they will complete their work in how many days?
a.    8 days
b.    7 days
c.    6 days
d.    5 days

16.  The elder sister Lubna is six years older than Salma, whereas Jaweria is five years older than Lubna, and some of their ages are 41. Calculate the age of Salma.
a.    19
b.    14
c.    10
d.    8

17.  Find the LCM (Least Common Multiple) of 8, 12, 18, and 36?
a.    36
b.    72
c.    216
d.    432

18.  If a Bike is sold at a price of 68000 rupees, this price is 15% less than the original price. What was the original price of the car?
a.    74000
b.    78000
c.    85000
d.    80000

19.  Which of the following country hosted the FIFA world cup 2014?
a.    France
b.    Qatar
c.    Russia
d.    Brazil

20.  Angela Merkel is the?
a.    Prime Minister of Germany
b.    Prime Minister of England
c.    Chancellor of Germany
d.    Chancellor of England

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