Patrol Officer Past Papers 2015 - Solved Paper

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Patrol Officer Past Papers 2015

Solved Past Papers of Patrol Officer

This is the Past Papers of Patrol Officer held in 2015. There was 100 Multiple Short Questions (MCQs). There was no negative marking for this test. Education required for this post was graduation. This post is based on all over Pakistan. This is the 2015 past paper of Patrol Officer we have also uploaded past papers from 2013 to 2018.
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2019 Past Papers of Patrol Officer
1.    By which organ does a snake hear?
a.    Ear
b.    Eyes
c.    Tongue
d.    Tail

2.    The most populous Islamic country of the world is:
a.    Iran
b.    Pakistan
c.    Saudi Arabia
d.    Indonesia

3.    Arab League was established in March 1945 with Headquarters in:
a.    Cairo
b.    Riyadh
c.    Baghdad
d.    Sudan

4.    The length of the Sue Canal in is:
a.    236 Km
b.    210 Km
c.    184 Km
d.    193 Km

5.    When was IMF established?
a.    1945
b.    1948
c.    1949
d.    1950

6.    OPEC has Its Headquarter In:
a.    Lusaka
b.    Tripoli
c.    Syria
d.    Vienna

7.    The first Republican President of America was:
a.    George Washington
b.    Abraham Lincoln
c.     John Adams
d.    George Bush

8.    'Emirates' is an airline of:
a.    Iraq
b.    Iran
c.    Dubai (UAE)
d.    Turkey

9.    One square foot is equal to 144sq inches and one meter is equal to:
a.     5.28-foot
b.    4.23 foot
c.    3.28 foot
d.    2.28 foot

10.  How many bones are there in Human Body?
a.    180
b.    200
c.    206
d.    306

11.  How many times has the Pakistan Hockey the team won Olympic Gold Medal:
a.    2
b.    3
c.    4
d.    5

12.  A light-year is a unit of measurement of:
a.    Speed of light
b.    Stellar distances
c.    The speed of Rockets
d.    Speed of airplane

13.  A handwritten message can be instantly transmitted as such to any part of the world through:
a.    Speed post
b.    Telex
c.    Telephone
d.    Fax

14.  The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy is observed in:
a.    Incandescent Bulb
b.    Fan
c.    Storage Battery
d.    Heater

15.  Distant objects can be seen with the help of:
a.    Chronometer
b.    Microscope
c.    Telescope
d.    Spectroscope

16.  The best colors for a sun umbrella will be:
a.    Black
b.    Black on top and white on the inside
c.    White on top and black on the inside
d.    All seven Colors of Rainbow

17.  Total Area of Azad Kashmir is:
a.    13,297 square km
b.    10,297 square km
c.    12,126 square km
d.    14,251 square km

18.  Who was the First Governor of Punjab from August 1947 to August 1949:
a.    Abdur Rab Nishtar
b.    Francis Moody
c.    Amir-Muhammad Khan
d.    Mumtaz Daultana

19.  The Magna Carta was signed by King John on:
a.    15th  June 1216
b.    15thJune 1215
c.    15th June 1214
d.    15t" June 1213

20.  Thomas Cup' is given in the game of:
a.    Table tennis
b.    Basket Ball
c.    Badminton
d.    Lawn tennis

21.  Pentagon is Defense head office of:
a.    USA
b.    UK
c.    USSR
d.    France

22.  Muhammadan Educational Conference was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in:
a.    1863
b.    1886
c.    1857
d.    1890

23.   “From Plessey to Pakistan” is a political biography of?
a.    Ch Muhammad Ali
b.    Syed Ameer All
c.    Iskander Mirza
d.    Syed Noor Ahmad

24.  World Environment Day is observed on:
a.    5th  June
b.    5thJuly
c.    5thAugust
d.    5thSeptember
25.  The name of Parliament of Bangladesh is:
a.    National Assembly
b.    Shura
c.    Congress
d.    Jatiya Sangsad

26.  Who is current Pakistan's permanent envoy to UNO:
a.    Syed Abbas Jillani
b.    Muhammad Sadiq
c.    Muhammad Naeem Khan
d.    Dr. Maliha Lodhi

27.  China celebrates its National Day every year on:
a.    5th October
b.    10thOctober
c.     1st October
d.    2ndOctober

28.  Graeme Smith was a cricketer of:
a.    West Indies
b.    England
c.    South Africa
d.    Canada

29.  Name the new book, of Hillary released in 2014:
a.    Living History
b.    Hard Choices
c.    A terrible Beauty
d.    None of the above

30.  In violation of the Indus Basin Water Treaty 1960 India Constructed "Wullar Barrage" on River:
a.    Jhelum
b.    Sindh
c.    Sutlej

d.    Chenab

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