Patrol Officer Syllabus 2019 | Syllabus FPSC Patrol Officer - Solved Paper

Friday, April 12, 2019

Patrol Officer Syllabus 2019 | Syllabus FPSC Patrol Officer

Syllabus of Patrol Officer 2019

Given below is the syllabus for Patrol Officer. This Syllabus is based on the past papers of Patrol officer. We also have uploaded the past papers of Patrol Officer which were taken in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Those past papers will be helpful to you for an upcoming test of Patrol Officer.
We also have uploaded past papers of Customs Inspector 2017 and 2018 (Batch 1-8) a link is given at the end of this post.

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FPSC syllabus of Patrol Officer

Total Marks: 100   
Test Medium: All MCQs               
There will be two main sections in the test which are given below.
1.     English=20              
2.     General Intelligence Test=80
General Intelligence Portion
General Intelligence the portion includes following sub-sections.
·        Basic Mathematics                                                 20 MCQs
·        Current Affairs                                                               20 MCQs
·        Pakistan and Islamic Affairs                                         20 MCQs
·        Everyday Science and General Knowledge         20 MCQs
English is the most important as well as the most difficult portion of the test. Mostly aspirants failed in this portion. So start preparing English portion as soon as possible. Following are the topics you need to cover for this test.
·        Grammar Usage
·        Sentence Structure
Mathematics and I.Q
In this portion, basic mathematics and I.Q related questions will be asked. You just have to review basic math topics. Try to prepare I.Q related questions. For I.Q related the portion you can visit different websites. More specific topics are given below.
·        Algebra
·        Statement Questions
·        Series
·        Ratio
·        Proportion
·        Time Distance
·        Exponentials Basics
·        BoDMAS
·        Number properties (prime, composite, whole etc)
·        Age problems
·        Basic calculations
·        Aptitude Questions (IQ based)
·        Large figure multiplication
·        Supposition questions
·        Relation Question
·        LCM, HCF, Sq. Root etc
Current Affairs:
Current affair is also a wider field just like general knowledge. Read newspapers daily. Watch news bulletin on TV. Following are the most important topics related to the current affairs.
·        Major events of 2018 in Pakistan
·        Economic events
·        Sports & Olympics News
·        Economic Projects in Pakistan
·        FBR related news
·        Any important figure that died in 2018?
·        Any incident/disaster this year? Like ATR PLANE CRASH was asked
·        Pakistan's MOUs with different countries
·        Which countries PM visited recently?
·        About New PM & Cabinet
·        About JIT & SC BENCH
·        Important Economic Events
·        Economic Survey 2017-18
·        Banking Sector News
·        Economic figures?
·        Population Census 2017
·        Import Export facts
·        China-related news
·        Army news
·        Government news
·        Foreign news

Read Islamic history and important events. Read about Prophet’s (S.A.W) life and also about all four Caliphs. Also, prepare yourself about Pakistan history. Cover following topics
·        All event from 1857 to 1947
·        Islamite
·        All battles
·        All ghazwat
·        Caliphate
·        Dates related to important personalities
General science or Everyday Science
This portion will be related to everyday science. You can say this portion is the general knowledge of science. Review your science books of Matric and onward. Prepare about inventions and discoveries. Also, prepare important events in science history.
Start preparation as soon as possible. Join the Facebook group and explore the information available. Solve Past Papers as many as possible. Also, solve different old papers of FPSC and PPSC.
Best of Luck

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