Repeated Computer Related Questions Part1 - Solved Paper

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Repeated Computer Related Questions Part1

Important Questions from Computer Portion

These are the repeated and Important Computer related questions. These questions are very important for all job-related tests. We have collected these repeated questions from past papers of different Organizations like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, UTS, PTS, etc. So prepare these questions for your next job test these questions will be really helpful.

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Important Computer MCQs

1.    Which of the following is a mathematical model for a real system in the form of computer program?
a)    Simulation
b)    Modulation
c)    Spreadsheet
d)    Transmission

2.    What is the abbreviation of LAN?
a)    Large Area Network
b)    Local Area Network
c)    Local Access Network
d)    Large Access Network

3.    What is the abbreviation of URL?
a)    Uniform Resource Locator
b)    Uniform Resource Location
c)    Universal Resource Location
d)    Universal resource Locator

4.    In which of the following network type we connect each node to the network along with a single piece of network cable?
a)    Ring Network
b)    Star Network
c)    Bus Network
d)    None of the above
5.    In which of the following network type we connect each network node to the central device?
a)    Ring Network
b)    Bus Network
c)    Star Network
d)    None of the above

6.    What is the abbreviation of FTP?
a)    File Transfer Possibility
b)    File Transfer Protocol
c)    File Transfer Protection
d)    File Transfer Position

7.    What is the abbreviation of IDE?
a)    Integrated Development Environment
b)    Inter Dual Environment
c)    Inter Development Environment
d)    Integrated Dual Environment

8.    Which of the following language is close to the human language?
a)    Machine Language
b)    High Level Language
c)    Low Level Language
d)    Programming language

9.    What is the abbreviation of CBT?
a)    Computer Based Technology
b)    Computer Based Trading
c)    Computer Based Training
d)    None of the above

10.  Which of the following virus can replicate itself?
a)    Hoax
b)    Bug
c)    Bomb
d)    Worm
11.  Which tool is used to find a similar words?
a)    Thesaurus
b)    Dictionary
c)    Finder
d)    Find and Replace
12.  Correctness and consistency of data, in database design is referred by?
a)    Data distribution strategy
b)    File organization
c)    Integrity constraints
d)    Indexes
13.  What is the meaning of “conio.h”?
a)    Complex input output
b)    Common input output
c)    Console input output
d)    Character input output
14.  Data duplication in multiple files is called?
a)    Data Redundancy
b)    Data inconsistency
c)    Data Dependence
d)    None of these
15.  A document that contains minimum data redundancy and easy to use is called?
a)    Simple document
b)    Clean document
c)    Complex document
d)    Well-Structured Document

16.  What is the abbreviation of SQL?
a)    Structured Query Language
b)    Simple Query Language
c)    Sequential Query Language
d)    None of these

17.  Which of the following register store the result of ALU operations?
a)    Data address register
b)    Accumulator register
c)    Data register
d)    Instruction register

18.  Which of the following operator is used to evaluate the compound conditions?
a)    Logical Operator
b)    Assignment operator
c)    Arithmetic operator
d)    Relational operator

19.  What is the abbreviation of MICR?
a)    Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
b)    Magnetic Ink Character Reader
c)    Magnetic In Character Redo
d)    None These

20.  Which of the following is used to to control all the parts of the manufacturing process?
a)    MICR
b)    CAD
c)    CAM
d)    ATM

21.  Parts of CPU are?
a)    Operating system and main memory
b)    Control Unit and ALU
c)    Control Unit and main memory
d)    Main memory and ALU

22.  What is the abbreviation of MHz?
a)    Mega Hertz
b)    Mili Hertz
c)    Micro Hertz
d)    None of These

23.  What is the abbreviation of DRAM?
a)    Dynamic Random Access Memory
b)    Digital Random Access Memory
c)    Dynamic Read Access Memory
d)    Digital Read Access Memory

24.  Which of the following reader is used to read UPC code?
a)    Optical Mark Reader
b)    Bar Code Reader
c)    Magnetic Ink Reader
d)    None of the above

25.  Which type of the key is Caps Lock?
a)    Cursor Control Key
b)    Windows Key
c)    Modifier Key
d)    Toggle Key

26.  What is the abbreviation of GPS?
a)    Google Positioning System
b)    Global Pointing System
c)    Global Positioning System
d)    None of the above

27.  Internet is an example of which of the following system?
a)    Full Duplex
b)    Half Duplex
c)    Simplex
d)    None of these

28.  What is the unit of an analog system?
a)    Watts
b)    Volts
c)    Digits
d)    Hertz

29.  Which of the following uses liquid crystals between the glass plates?
a)    CRT
b)    LCD
c)    ELD
d)    None of the above

30.  OSI system contains how many layers?
a)    4
b)    5
c)    6
d)    7

31.  Which system uses 4-bit coding system?
a)    BCD
b)    EBCDIC
c)    ASCII
d)    Unicode

32.  In which of the following communication medium line of sight is required?
a)    Coaxial Cable
b)    Microwave
c)    Fiber Optics Cable
d)    Twisted Pair Cable

33.  Which of the following controls and co-ordinates the overall operations of a computer system?
a)    Device Reader
b)    Utility Programs
c)    Operating System
d)    System Software

34.  When a program is transferred to the machine code, it is called?
a)    System Code
b)    Object Code
c)    Source Code
d)    None of the above

35.  Format C is an example of which of the following virus?
a)    Trojan Horse
b)    Boot Sector
c)    Logic Bomb
d)    Chernobyl

36.  MS-DOS is a type of system?
a)    Menu Driver Interface
b)    Multitasking
c)    Graphical User Interface
d)    Command Line Interface

37.  The keyboard shortcuts used to change the case is?
a)    Ctrl+Shift+F3
b)    Shift+F3
c)    Alt+F3
d)    Ctrl+F3

38.  Which of the following technology is used in the compact disk?
a)    Laser
b)    Electro Magnetic
c)    Electrical
d)    Mechanical

39.  The debuggers and editors in operating the system come under?
a)    Utilities
b)    Application Software
c)    System Software
d)    None of the above

40.  Which of the following is a low level language?
a)    C++
b)    Assembly Language
c)    Java
d)    Visual Basic

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