Sub Inspector FIA Past Papers - Solved Paper

Monday, April 8, 2019

Sub Inspector FIA Past Papers

FIA Sub-Inspector Past Papers
Given Below is the past paper of Sub Inspector in FIA (Federal Investigation Authority). This Post was for the candidates from all over Pakistan. Syllabus for this post was Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Everyday Science. Given below are a few questions from the Original Past paper of Sub Inspector FIA. 
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Past Papers of sub inspector fia

1.      A device which records dictation on the wax cylinder is?
a)   Hectometer              
b)   Hypsometer             
c)   Heli scope       
d)   Dictaphone

2.      Who was the first Muslim Governor of Sindh?
a)   Sh. Din Muhammad          
b)   Gen. Rahman Gul    
c)   Ghulam Hussain Hidayat Ullah
d)   None of the above

3.      Who was first Muslim Commander n Chief of Pakistan Army?
a)   Gen. Musa Khan     
b)   Gen. Ayub Khan    
c)   Gen. Gul Gussain
d)   None of the above

4.      Which Constitution of Pakistan states that president and prime the minister must be Muslims?
a)   1962     
b)   1956               
c)   1973               
d)   None of the above

5.      In which year objection resolution was passed?
a)   1951     
b)   1950               
c)   1948               
d)   1949

6.      When Pakistan became member of U.N.O?
a)   1945     
b)   1947               
c)   1948               
d)   1950

7.      Bait-ul-Muqadus was conquered during the reign of?
a)   Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)       
b)   Hazrat Abu-Bakr(R.A)      
c)   Hazrat Umar Farooq
d)   None of the above

8.      The period of the revelation of the holy Quran was?
a)   22 years 2 months  
b)   23 years 2 month     
c)   20 years 2 month
d)   None of the above

9.      Which Surah of the Holy Quran was called Kirat-E-Wajbah?
a)   Surah Akhlas 
b)   Surah Fatah           
c)   Surah Nasar
d)   None of the above

10.   First Wahyee was revealed on?
a)   17 Ramadan           
b)   27 Ramadan            
c)   2 Ramadan     
d)   18 Ramadan

11.   Itar-Tass is a NEWS agency of?
a)   Israel    
b)   Iran                
c) the U.S.A             
d)   Russia

12.   Which of the following fiction wants the end British rule in Northern Ireland?
a)   JKLF    
b)   Irish Republican Army    
c)   Ulster Unionists      
d)   None of the above

13.   Pakistan has been recently been elected to the 58 members executive board of?
a)   UNICEF         
b)   UNESCO       
c)   WHO    
d)   World Food Program

14.   The Bofors scandal occurred in?
a)   Italy      
b)   Sweden 
c)   Japan             
d)   India

15.   Cr. PC stands for?
a)   Criminal Police Case
b)   Criminal Police Code                  
c)   Criminal Procedure Code
d)   None of the above

16.   Toro Bora Mountains are in?
a)   Pakistan
b)   Afghanistan  
c)   Iran                
d)   Iraq

17.   On what day U.N.O come into being?
a)   24th Oct 1945 
b)   7th Oct, 1944            
c)   25th Oct, 1944
d)   None of the above

18.   Sanaa is the capital of?
a)   Qatar    
b)   Jordan  
c)   Yemen  
d)   Syria

19.   Which portion of the world is called uninhabited?
a)   Asia      
b)   Australia
c)   Fiji        
d)   Antarctica

20.   Col. Mummer Al-Gadhafi was the president of?
a)   Kuwait 
b)   Libya   
c)   Egypt   
d)   Niger

21.   Labor Party is a political party in?
a)   France  
b)   Poland  
c) the U.S.A   
d) the U.K

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