Assistant Sub Inspector ASF Past Papers - Solved Paper

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Assistant Sub Inspector ASF Past Papers

Past Papers of ASI in Airport Security Force

Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) jobs have been announced in Airport Security Force (ASF). The last to apply was 30 April 2019. Interior Testing Service (ITS) will take the test for all posts of Airport Security Force (ASF). There are 371 seats of ASI in ASF. Education required for ASI in ASF is Intermediate or equivalent. Candidates with 12 years of education are eligible from all over Pakistan. Seats are distributed in all provinces according to the provincial quota. There are 27 seats on general merit and 344 seats are distributed to the Provinces. These are the questions from ASI Past Papers in ASF. These are solved questions of ASF past papers.

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 Past Papers of ASI 2019

1.    After USA, greatest arms exporter is:
a)    Russia
b)    France
c)    India
d)    UK

2.    Oldest Anthem is of:
a)    Malaysia
b)    France
c)    Russia
d)    Japan

3.    Kahuta Laboratories was established in:
a)    1960
b)    1965
c)    1976
d)    1982

4.    Arbitrator in the Indus Basin Treaty:
a)    IMF
b)    World Bank
c)    WTO
d)    UNDP

5.    Pakistan joined ILO in:
a)    1947
b)    1950
c)    1951
d)    1956

6.    Rapid means:
a)    Severe
b)    Slow
c)    Clever
d)    Quick

7.    The largest democracy in the world is:
a)    USA
b)    India
c)    UK
d)    Pakistan

8.    Thomas Cup is associated with:
a)    Cricket
b)    Badminton
c)    Hockey
d)    Football

9.    The first nuclear power plant in Pakistan was set up with the help of:
a)    Canada
b)    USA
c)    China
d)    Israel

10.  Capital of Somalia is:
a)    Mogadishu
b)    Adabo
c)    Afmadow
d)    Beyra

11.  First Punjabi poet was:
a)    Waris Shah
b)    Bulleh Shah
c)    Muhammad Shah
d)    Baba Farid

12.  Length of the Great Wall of China is:
a)    18000km
b)    34000km
c)    20000km
d)    21000km

13.  Durand the line was demarcated in:
a)    1890
b)    1888
c)    1886
d)    1893

14.  Oldest monarchy is in:
a)    Saudi Arab
b)    UAE
c)    Japan
d)    Kuwait

15.  The first missile of Pakistan is:
a)    Hatf
b)    Hunza
c)    Badar
d)    Badarli

16.  Ringgit is the currency of:
a)    Nepal
b)    Malaysia
c)    Bhutan
d)    Sri Lanka

17.  The digital computer was invented by:
a)    Nicholson
b)    Dr. Smith
c)    Bill Gate
d)    John Atanasoff

18.  Decimal the system was introduced in Pakistan on 1st January:
a)    1961
b)    1963
c)    1964
d)    1965

19.  Babar's tomb is situated in:
a)    Agra
b)    Delhi
c)    Kabul
d)    Lahore

20.  Which is the longest river in Baluchistan Province?
a)    Bolan
b)    Hingol
c)    Dasht
d)    Rukshan

21.  Largest Muslim country producing natural gas:
a)    Iraq
b)    Iran
c)    Tajikistan
d)    UAE

22.  Google is a:
a)    Computer
b)    search engine
c)    City of USA
d)    software engineer

23.  When did Pakistan become a member of CENTO?
a)    1955
b)    1957
c)    1958
d)    1960

24.  The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, in:
a)    Washington
b)    New York
c)    California
d)    Pentagon

25.  Meaning of "Rapid"?
a)    Slow
b)    Weak
c)    Fast
d)    Dirty

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