Computer Operator Past Papers | Special Education - Solved Paper

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Computer Operator Past Papers | Special Education

Past Papers of Computer Operator 

Jobs for Computer Operators are going to be announced in the Special Education Department. These jobs will be announced by PPSC in a few days. We have collected some important questions for Computer Operator Jobs from the Past Papers of Computer Operator 2017. 

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PPSC Past Papers 2019, School Education Past Papers

1.    Which of the following register controls the sequence in which the instructions are fetched?
a)    DAR
b)    DR
c)    IR
d)    PC
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
2.    In which of the following the access time for memories is measured?
a)    Milliseconds
b)    Nanoseconds
c)    Microseconds
d)    Hertz

3.    An entity in the database that consists of various components is called?
a)    Objects
b)    Entities
c)    Properties
d)    Tools
4.    In cascading deletion which of the following term is related?
a)    Indexing
b)    Referential Integrity
c)    Data Indexing
d)    Data Integrity

5.    Which of the following was the first computer to use vacuum tubes?
a)    UNIVAC
b)    EDVAC
c)    ENIAC
d)    MARK I
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
6.    Identify the non-pointing device from the following?
a)    Trackball
b)    Joystick
c)    Mouse
d)    None of the above

7.    Which of the following language is close to the human language?
a)    Machine Language
b)    High-Level Language
c)    Low-Level Language
d)    Programming language

8.    If an OR gate has 4 variables, then how many possible combinations are present in the truth table?
a)    32
b)    34
c)    16
d)    64

9.    According to absorption law, A+(A.B) will be equal to?
a)    A
b)    A+1
c)    AB
d)    1+B
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
10.  In a one cylinder hard disk with two platters, how many tracks are present?
a)    32
b)    16
c)    8
d)    4

11.  What is a Translator?
a)    Application Software
b)    Translating Software
c)    Low-Level Language
d)    System Software

12.  Which of the following cricket player scored the fastest 1000 ODI runs in 21 innings?
a)    Shahid Afridi
b)    Babar Azam
c)    Azhar Ali
d)    Ahmed Shahzad

13.  If there is no sun in the sky, the sky color would be?
a)    Yellow
b)    Blue
c)    Red
d)    None of the above

14.  Chaudhry Rehmat All first used the word "Pakistan" in his pamphlet 'Now or Never' in:
a)    1933
b)    1935
c)    1937
d)    1938
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
15.  Lahore Resolution of 23rd March 1940, was seconded from Sindh province by
a)    G. M. Syed
b)    Mekhdoom Talib ul Mula
c)    Abdullah Maroon
d)    Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto

16.  Who presided over the Shimla Conference in 1945?
a)    Lord Minto
b)    Lord Wavell
c)    Lord Irwin
d)    Lord Mountbatten

17.  The Pirpur Report on the brutalities of the Congress ministries (1937-39), was compiled
a)    A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq
b)    Raja Muhammad Mehdi
c)    Nawab Salim Ullah Khan
d)    M. Sharif
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
18.  Who administered the oath of office to Liaquat All Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?
a)    Quaid-i-Azam
b)    Justice Mian Abdul Rashid
c)    Lord Mountbatten
d)    Maulvi Tamizuddin

19.  Pakistan's first nuclear power plant was set up in 1974 at Karachi with the assistance of.
a)    France
b)    China
c)    Canada
d)    North Korea
Computer Operator Past Papers 2019 by PPSC.
20.  Pakistan-Afghanistan border “Durand Line” was drawn in:
a)    1893
b)    1890
c)    1897
d)    1892

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