Customs Inspector Batch8 Solved Paper 2019 - Solved Paper

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Customs Inspector Batch8 Solved Paper 2019

Customs Inspector Batch 8 Paper 2019

This is the past paper of Customs Inspector in the Customs Department. This paper was taken by FPSC on May 1, 2019. This Past paper is original and solved. I have used the 1 right and original option from the paper and the other 3 options are not originally from the paper of Customs Inspector. I have just assumed those 3 options to create the Multiple Choice Questions. 

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Batch 8, Customs Inspector Solaved Paper

1.    Which key is used to redo an Operation:
a)    Ctrl + Z
b)    Ctrl + a
c)    Ctrl +Y
d)    Ctrl + B
2.    The items which are Dimly visible behind the main text are called:
a)    Water Color
b)    Background
c)    Watermark
d)    Hyperlink

3.    Which key is used for help in MS Excel:
a)    F1
b)    F10
c)    CTRL + H
d)    ALT +H

4.    According to the Gallup survey, most Patriotic Nation is:
a)    Pakistan
b)    India
c)    Bangladesh
d)    None of these

5.    Quad-e-Azam becomes permanent President of All India Muslim League on:
a)    1930
b)    1934
c)    1933
d)    1947

6.    Who is the founder of Indian National Congress:
a)    Dadabhai Naoroji
b)    Mahatma Gandhi
c)    Nehru
d)    None of these

7.    First Martial Law in Pakistan was imposed on:
a)    October 7, 1958
b)    September 7, 1958
c)    August 14, 1958
d)    January 7, 1958

8.    Total member states of the United Nation are:
a)    193
b)    195
c)    200
d)    201

9.    Total Number of Observer states of United Nation is:
a)    2
b)    4
c)    5
d)    6

10.  Maximum rainfall in Pakistan is in which of the following City:
a)    Murree, Rawalpindi
b)    Sialkot
c)    Karachi
d)    Islamabad

11.  Current Speaker of Punjab Assembly is:
a)    Usman Buzdar
b)    Ch Parvez Elahi
c)    Rana Iqbal
d)    None of these

12.  Who is the current Speaker of Sindh Assembly:
a)    Agha Siraj Durani
b)    Sheila Raza
c)    Murad Ali Shah
d)    Qaim Ali Shah

13.  United Nation General assembly adopted the decade of:
a)    2010 to 2020
b)    2019 to 2029
c)    2020 to 2030
d)    2015 to 2025

14.  What is the order of divine books according to their revelation:
a)    Turah Zabur, Injeel and Quran Pak
b)    Zabur, Injeel, Torah, Quran Pak
c)    Quran Pak, Torah, Zabur, Injeel
d)    Injeel, Torah Quran Pak, Zabur

15.  Kartarpur the corridor is in which district of India:
a)    Chandigarh District
b)    Ameristar District
c)    Hoshiarpur
d)    Gurdaspur District

16.  Which companion of Prophet Muhammad has the title of Asadullah:
a)    Hazrat Ali (RA)
b)    Hazrat Umar (RA)
c)    Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA)
d)    None of these

17.  Kofi Annan was awarded:
a)    Noble Peace Prize
b)    Nelson Mandela Award
c)    None of these

18.  Which Muslim Caliph established police department for the first time:
a)    Hazrat Umar (RA)
b)    Hazrat Ali (RA)
c)    Hazrat Ameer Mauve (RA)
d)    Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadique (RA)

19.  Who Compiled the Hadith book Sinan Nisei:
a)    Imam Ahmed
b)    Imam Malik
c)    Imam Shafi
d)    Imam Abu Hanifa

20.  Which key is used to cancel the slide show:
a)    ESC
b)    Arrow Down
c)    Space
d)    Left Arrow

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