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Thursday, May 16, 2019

ESE Math Science Past Papers | Educator's Past Papers

Past Papers of ESE Science Math

Educator jobs were announced in the Punjab Labour and Human Resource Department Directorate of Education Punjab Workers Welfare Board. Given below are some questions from the General Knowledge portion of the past paper of ESE Mathematics and Science. The syllabus of ESE Science Math has been changed and according to the new syllabus, the paper of ESE Math Science will be comprised of 50% General Knowledge including Islamic Studies and History of Pakistan and 50% subject related.

Past Papers of ESE Math Science

1.    Who at present holds the office of the Chief Executive in the Afghan Government?
a)    Ashraf Ghani
b)    Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
c)    Abdullah Abdullah
d)    None of these

2.    10 Downing Street is the official residence of:
a)    Queen of England
b)    British Prime Minister
c)    French President
d)    American President

3.    The Blue Mosque or the "Mosque Sultan Adman' is located n:
a)    Tehran
b)    Istanbul
c)    Jeddah
d)    Cairo

4.    What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
a)    Bishkek
b)    Almaty
c)    Tashkent
d)    Astana

5.    What is the full form of DSL information technology?
a)    Digital System Line
b)    Digital Super Line
c)    Digital Subscriber Line
d)    Digital Speed Line

6.    Who was called Adam-e-Sani (AS)?
a)    Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S.)
b)    Hazrat Dawood (AS)
c)    Hazrat Nooh (A.S)
d)    Hazrat Moosa (A.S)

7.    1st Ashra of Ramzan is called:
a)    Ashra-e-Rehmat
b)    Ashra-e-Maghfirat
c)    Ashra-e-Neat
d)    None of these

8.    What is meant by Allah's attribute "Al-Ban"?
a)    The Generous
b)    The Glorious
c)    The Aware
d)    The Maker

9.    Which Surah of the Holy Quran throws light on the Halal and Haraam of sacrificial animals?
a)    Al Maeda
b)    Al Imran
c)    Al Naml
d)    Al Raad

10.  Which is the second pillar of Islam?
a)    Zakat
b)    Salat
c)    Hajj
d)    Jihad

11.  The Literal meanings of the word “Zakat” are:
a)    To pay Levis/Taxes to the government
b)    To grow or prosper
c)    To assess and recover compulsory levy on all the citizens own
d)    To give alms to the poor

12.  She was alive at the tragic incident of Karbala:
a)    Hazrat Ayesha (RA)
b)    Hazrat Hafsa (RA)
c)    Hazrat Mamoona (RA)
d)    Hazrat Umme-e-Salma (RA)

13.  What is the shortcut key for page break in MS Word?
a)    Ctrl + Enter
b)    Shift + Enter
c)    Space + Enter
d)    None of these

14.  For the financial year, 2016-2017 Netherlands emerged as the second biggest investor in Pakistan in terms of FDI. What was the main reason for that:
a)    The Netherlands invested heavily in Wind Power Plants
b)    They acquired part of ENGRO
c)    They invested heavily in Shipbuilding
d)    They bought a major private bark

15.  Morocco and Spain are separated by:
a)    Palk Strait
b)    Strait of Gibraltar
c)    Red Sea
d)    River Danube

16.  Vitreous Humor Sclera and INS are parts of which human organ?
a)    Brain
b)    Ear
c)    Liver
d)    Eye

17.  When was Lahore High Court established:
a)    1857
b)    1892
c)    1866
d)    1906

18.  "Addis Ababa" is the capital city of:
a)    Sudan
b)    Kenya
c)    Somalia
d)    Ethiopia

19.  Asmara is the capital of:
a)    Eritrea
b)    Ethiopia
c)    Equatorial Guinea
d)    Ecuador

20.  Wakhan Corridor, North of Pakistan, belongs to:
a)    Afghanistan
b)    China
c)    Tajikistan
d)    None of these

21.  Name the architect who designed the Shah Faisal Masjid, located in Islamabad.
a)    Vedat Dalokay
b)    Mail Caktrhan
c)    Murat Suygenls
d)    Kadir Topbas

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