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Sunday, May 26, 2019

ESE Science Math Past Papers | PPSC Past Papers

Past Papers of ESE Science Math 

The Syllabus of ESE Science, ESE Math, ESE Science Math, ESE Urdu, has been changed. This change of syllabus was advertised by PPSC on 16-05-2019. According to the new syllabus, 20% will be General Knowledge including Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Everyday Science, History of Pakistan, Current Affairs, Mathematics, and Urdu. And the remaining 80% will be subject related. Given below are some questions from the past papers of ESE Science Math.

Past Papers of ESE Science Math 2019

1.    Which of the following metals is not only magnetic but also radioactive?
a)    Aluminum
b)    Iron
c)    Platinum
d)    Thorium
ESE Past Papers 2019.
2.    Name the bird having very weak eyesight?
a)    Kiwi
b)    Ostrich
c)    Seagull
d)    Peacock

3.    The greatest depth of water surface is about 10,900 meters at Mariana Trench. It is located in the:
a)    Atlantic Ocean
b)    Pacific Ocean
c)    Indian Ocean
d)    Antarctica Ocean

4.    Which one of the following scientists are credited with the successful production of the first cloned sheep' (Dolly)
a)    Dr. Don Wolf
b)    Dr. H.G. Khurana
c)    Dr. Ian Wilmut
d)    Dr. Dolly
Past Papers of ESE Science 2019.
5.    Which is the brightest planet in the Solar System?
a)    Jupiter
b)    Mercury
c)    Uranus
d)    Venus

6.    Which is the most abundantly found metal on the Earth's surface?
a)    Aluminum
b)    Zinc
c)    Iron
d)    Silicon

7.    Removal of topsoil by wind or water is called?
a)    Erosion
b)    Silting
c)    Waterlogging
d)    Creeping

8.    Which Article in the 1973 constitution deals with Jammu and Kashmir?
a)    230
b)    240
c)    245
d)    257

9.    The concept of Carbon Credits originated from which of the following?
a)    Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro
b)    Kyoto Protocol
c)    Montreal Protocol
d)    Conference of Parties (COP) 19
Past Papers of ESE Math 2019.
10. What is the Synonym of Frugal?
a)    Expensive
b)    Explore
c)    Economical
d)    Frank

11.  Portuguese East Africa is the old name of:
a)    Mozambique
b)    Taiwan
c)    Somalia
d)    None of these

12.  Which is the second-largest landlocked country in the world?
a)    Mongolia
b)    Sudan
c)    Switzerland
d)    Chad

13.  What is the total area of FATA:
a)    28572 sq km
b)    27,220 sq km
c)    28225 sq km
d)    28925 sq km
ESE Science Math Past Papers 2019.
14.  Behman and Bismillah Airlines belong to which country?
a)    Bangladesh
b)    France
c)    Germany
d)    England

15.  West Virginia is the name of the airline of:
a)    USA
b)    France
c)    Germany
d)    England

16.  Siachen, Baltoro, and Chomolungma glaciers are situated in which Mountain range?
a)    Himalaya
b)    Karakoram
c)    Hindu Kush
d)    Sulaiman

17.  When the Muslim League joined the interim government in 1946. Liaquat Ali Khan was assigned the portfolio of:
a)    Foreign affairs
b)    Home
c)    Finance
d)    Defense
Past Papers of PPSC 2019.
18.  Who was the Chairman of the Boundary Commission to define the boundaries of the dominions under the Indian Independence Act of 1947?
a)    Lord Wavell
b)    Stafford Cripps
c)    Lord Mountbatten
d)    Cyril Radcliffe

19.  Which is the oldest airline in Pakistan?
a)    Orient Airways
b)    Pakistan Airline
c)    PIA
d)    None of these
Past Papers of ESE Science Math 2019.
20.  In which Province of Pakistan Volcano Mountains are located?
a)    Punjab
b)    Sindh
c)    Baluchistan
d)    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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