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Monday, May 13, 2019

ESE Science Past Papers | PPSC Past Papers

Past Papers of ESE Science BS-14

43 seats of ESE (Science) BS-14 were announced in Labour and Human Resource Department. The syllabus for this post has been changed by PPSC on 06-05-2019. New the syllabus has a 50% portion of General Knowledge including Islamic Studies and History of Pakistan and the other 50% is subject related with equal distribution to all relevant subjects in qualification criteria.
Past Papers of ESE Science Math
1.    The main constituent of Sui Gas is:
a)    Methane
b)    Sulfur
c)    Silver
d)    None of these
ESE Science Past Papers 2019.
2.    Brass is an alloy of copper and:
a)    Iron
b)    Street
c)    Zinc
d)    Silver

3.    The most famous genetic a disease that is associated with Queen Victoria and circulated among European royalty was:
a)    Color Blindness
b)    Hemophilia
c)    Austrian lip
d)    Down's Syndrome

4.    Hepatitis C is a leading cause of:
a)    Chronic liver disease
b)    HIV
c)    AIDS
d)    Diabetes

5.    Whooping cough is caused by:
a)    Fungus
b)    Virus
c)    Bacteria
d)    Protozoa
Past Papers of ESE Science Math 2019.
6.    Fear of enclosed spaces is known as:
a)    Hydrophobia
b)    Claustrophobia
c)    Kleptophobia
d)    Heliophobia

7.    The normal pH of blood is:
a)    >7
b)    <7
c)    0
d)    7

8.    'Bakhtar' is the news agency of:
a)    Bangladesh
b)    Iran
c)    Belgium
d)    Afghanistan

9.    Which of the following Vitamin's overdose can cause kidney damage?
a)    Vitamin A
b)    Vitamin C
c)    Vitamin D
d)    Vitamin E

10.  '1bn Battuta' was a famous traveler of:
a)    Iran
b)    Morocco
c)    Syria
d)    Indonesia
ESE Science Past Papers 2019.
11.  'Ringgit' is the currency of:
a)    Sudan
b)    Nigeria
c)    Finland
d)    Malaysia

12.  The largest country by population in Africa is:
a)    Algeria
b)    Nigeria
c)    Egypt
d)    Somalia

13.  When was the Constitution of 1973 enforced?
a)    10th April 1973
b)    14th August 1973
c)    10th March 1973
d)    loth August 1973

14.  Kingdom of Khwarzim was destroyed in 1218-20 AD by:
a)    Halaku Khan
b)    Changez Khan
c)    Temur Lung
d)    Kublai Khan

15.  Which is the longest river in the world?
a)    Lena
b)    Niger
c)    Congo
d)    Nile river
Past Papers of ESE Science Math 2019.
16.  FIR stands for:
a)    First Information Report
b)    Final Information Report
c)    Fundamental Information Report
d)    Final Information Record

17.  Which day is observed on 7 December?
a)    Civil Aviation day
b)    Disarmament day
c)    Cultural day
d)    Postal day
18.  The Great Bear Lake is situated in:
a)    North America
b)    Canada
c)    Siberia
d)    None of these

19.  Which of the following is the first man who successfully climbed Mt Everest in 1953?
a)    Edmund Hillary
b)    Fran Fipps
c)    James Present
d)    Jacques Charles
ESE Science Past Papers 2019.
20.  Who was the first woman to climb Everest?
a)    Karoline Mikkelsen
b)    Fran Fipps
c)    Junko Taibei
d)    Valentina

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