Important Questions of FPSC 2019 - Solved Paper

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Important Questions of FPSC 2019

FPSC Repeated Questions 2019

Given Below are some repeated questions from the past papers of FPSC for different jobs. These questions are very important because they have been repeated more than twice in the previous exams of FPSC.

Important Questions 2019, Repeated MCQs 2019

1.    What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb “To smell a rat”:
a)    To detect a bad smell
b)    To misunderstand
c)    To suspect a trick or detect
d)    To see hidden

2.    What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb "A chip off the old clock":
a)    A piece of wood
b)    An old friend
c)    Having characteristics of one's ancestors
d)    A good bargain

3.    Which one of the following is the oldest Barrage on Indus River?
a)    Guddu Barrage
b)    Sukkur Barrage
c)    Ghulam Muhammad Barrage
d)    Taunsa Barrage

4.    Union Jack is the flag of:
a)    America
b)    United Kingdom
c)    Canada
d)    France

5.    The major segment of 'Seraiki' speaking population lives in:
a)    Punjab
b)    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
c)    Azad Kashmir
d)    Sindh

6.    To create a table of columns and rows for statistical or mathematical calculations using a spreadsheet, which software is used?
a)    Excel
b)    Word Pad
c)    Word Perfect
d)    Corel Draw

7.    The longest river in China is:
a)    Huang Ho
b)    Yangtze
c)    Mekong
d)    Pearl

8.    "To make amend for" means:
a)    To make every possible effort
b)    To compensate for damage
c)    To bring change in something
d)    None of these

9.    Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the time of its rejoining of Commonwealth in 1989?
a)    Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif
b)    Shaukat Aziz
c)    Benazir Bhutto
d)    Malik Meraj Khalid

10.  What is the synonym of "Abuse"?
a)    White a base
b)    Basic
c)    Degrade
d)    Abet

11.  In the second Constituent Assembly elected in 1955, the Muslim League formed a coalition Government with:
a)    United Front
b)    Noon Group
c)    Independents
d)    None of these

12.  A device which encodes characters by the depression of keys is known as:
a)    A printer
b)    Keyboard
c)    Mouse
d)    Hard device

13.  Which of the following Vitamins maintains normal clotting of blood?
a)    Vitamin A
b)    Vitamin C
c)    Vitamin D
d)    Vitamin K

14.  ljma means:
a)    Consensus
b)    Reasoning by analogy
c)    Illustrious writers
d)    Collection of ideas

15.  The 1970 elections in Pakistan were originally scheduled to be held in October but had to be postponed to December. What was the reason for this postponement?
a)    Six points of Sheikh Mujib
b)    Riots in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi
c)    The killing of West Pakistanis by Mukti Bahini
d)    Floods and Cyclone in East Pakistan

16.  Find out the correct Passive Voice sentence "They showed the visitors the historical monuments of Lahore".
a)    The visitors will be shown the historical monuments of Lahore
b)    The visitors were shown the historical monuments of Lahore
c)    The historical monuments had been shown to the visitors.
d)    The visitors would be shown the historical monuments of Lahore.

17.  When did India conduct its first nuclear test?
a)    1970
b)    1974
c)    1978
d)    1998

18.  When did the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics cease to exist as an entity?
a)    1989
b)    1990
c)    1991
d)    1992

19.  President Mamnoon Hussain was born in:
a)    Karachi, Pakistan
b)    Dhaka, Bangladesh
c)    Agra, British India
d)    Lahore, Pakistan

20.  Synonym of "Implicate" is:
a)    To instigate
b)    Explain
c)    To insult
d)    To involve

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