Railway Police Inspector Past Papers - Solved Paper

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Railway Police Inspector Past Papers

Past Papers of Railway Police Inspector

This is the past paper of Inspector in Railway. The test for Pakistan railway jobs was taken by NTS (National Testing Service). NTS took this test for the post of Inspector in Pakistan Railway in 2015.

Past Papers of Police Inspector, Pakistan Railway Past Papers

1.    Special Equity Courts exist in which of the following Countries?
a)    England
b)    Pakistan
c)    America
d)    South Africa

2.    Who is the author of the book 'The Politics’:
a)    Aristotle
b)    Plato
c)    Albert Einstein
d)    Newton

3.    For which of the following game 'Thomas Cup' is given:
a)    Badminton
b)    Golf
c)    Table Tennis
d)    Lawn Tennis

4.    In which city Nobel Peace Prize is given:
a)    London
b)    New York
c)    Oslo
d)    Copenhagen

5.    Recently Panama Papers have been in the news. Please name the firm from whose database millions of files were leaked to the media?
a)    Mossack Fonseca
b)    Goldman Sachs
c)    Leblanc and Williams
d)    None of these

6.    What is the Synonym of Pragmatic?
a)    Honest
b)    Practical
c)    Uncertain
d)    Arrogant

7.    After the death of Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour who has been chosen as their Leader by the Taliban?
a)    Mullah Fazluliah
b)    Maulvi Haibatullah Akhunzada
c)    Sirajuddin Haqqani
d)    Zabihullah Mujahid

8.    Who was the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2016?
a)    Ejaz Butt
b)    Najam Sethi
c)    Shaharyar Khan
d)    Ramiz Raja

9.    Which of the following is the second source of Islamic laws?
a)    Qiyas
b)    Hadith
c)    History
d)    Ijma

10. According to the 1973 Constitution Governor of a Province is appointed by:
a)    President
b)    Prime Minister
c)    Provincial Assembly
d)    Chief MinisterPast Papers

11. Who has written the famous national song "Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhe"?
a)    Sufi Tabbasum
b)    Jamil-ud-Din Aali
c)    Masroor Anwar
d)    Ahmad Faraz

12. What is the common name for Sodium Chloride?
a)    Salt
b)    Baking Soda
c)    Chalk
d)    Vinegar

13. What is the Antonym of Virtue?
a)    Variable
b)    Fraud
c)    Crime
d)    Vice
14. Hazrat Imam Husain’s (R.A) title was:
a)    Shabbir
b)    Shabbar
c)    Saifullah
d)    None of these

15. What was the name of Hazrat Umar's (R.A) daughter who became the fourth wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
a)    Hazrat Hafsa (R.A)
b)    Hazrat Zainab (R.A)
c)    Hazrat Safiya (R.A)
d)    Hazrat Maimoona (R.A)

16. What is the Synonym of grisly?
a)    Earthly
b)    Ornate
c)    Greenery
d)    Horrible

17. Among the following, which is the oldest English language newspaper of Pakistan?
a)    Dawn
b)    The News
c)    The Nation
d)    Daily Times

18. What was the former name of Sahiwal?
a)    Fort Munro
b)    Campbellpur
c)    Montgomery
d)    Lawrencepur

19. What is the Antonym of Haughty?
a)    Humble
b)    Heavy
c)    Scared
d)    Cowardly

20. Which of the following is not a natural fiber?
a)    Silk
b)    Jute
c)    Cotton
d)    Rayon
Past Papers

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