Assistant Director Investigation FIA Past Papers 2017 - Solved Paper

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Assistant Director Investigation FIA Past Papers 2017

Assistant Director FIA 2017
Given below are few solved questions from the past papers of Assistant Director FIA Investigation 2017. FPSC has announced the jobs for Assistant Director FIA. This past paper of Assistant Director FIA was taken by FPSC in 2017.

Past Papers of Assistant Director 2019

1.    Gestapo was the secret police organization of:
a)    Italy
b)    Russia
c)    Germany
d)    USA

2.    The train went ________ the tunnel.
a)    into
b)    by
c)    from
d)    of

3.    She jumped _______ the bus.
a)    from
b)    off
c)    through
d)    into

4.    Write the meaning of strenuous:
a)    shy
b)    calm
c)    coward
d)    energetic

5.    Write the meaning of zest?
a)    Keenness
b)    Big
c)    Small
d)    Upper

6.    Synonym of Collision?
a)    Crescent
b)    Small
c)    Limit
d)    Crash

7.    Synonym of Accumulate?
a)    Distribute
b)    Jumping
c)    Collect
d)    Agreement

8.    Synonym of Detrimental.
a)    Harmful
b)    Terminated
c)    Friendly
d)    Swallow

9.    Synonym of Rancor:
a)    company
b)    afraid
c)    sublime
d)    enmity

10.  Which sahabi narrated the maximum ahadis?
a)    Hazrat Jaffar
b)    Hazrat Abu Huraira
c)    Hazrat Ali
d)    Hazrat Waqas

11.  Which sura's ayats were revealed first?
a)    Naas
b)    Alaq
c)    Baqra
d)    Fateh

12.  The first Gazwa was:
a)    Abwa
b)    Badr
c)    Khandaq
d)    none of these

13.  Largest island is:
a)    Iceland
b)    Diego Garcia
c)    Greenland
d)    Java

14.  Largest peninsula:
a)    Malaysia
b)    Arabia
c)    Bengal
d)    Smatra

15.  Ibne Insha is famous for:
a)    Humor
b)    Poetry
c)    Novels
d)    Short essay

16.  Mast Tawakli was the poet of:
a)    Punjabi
b)    Pushtoo
c)    Balochi
d)    Brohi

17.  "Celebrity" means?
a)    Dirty
b)    Beautiful
c)    Famous Man
d)    Film Star

18.  Fill in the blank: Pour tea _______ the cup?
a)    at
b)    upon
c)    into
d)    over

19.  Salisbury is the old name of:
a)    New England
b)    Petrograd
c)    Harare
d)    Bombay

20.  Who founded Attock Fort.?
a)    Humayun
b)    Jahangir
c)    Babur
d)    Akbar

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