Assistant Registrar in Punjab Cooperative Societies - Solved Paper

Monday, September 14, 2020

Assistant Registrar in Punjab Cooperative Societies

Past Papers of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies

These Questions belongs to the Past Papers of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies. This Past Paper of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies was taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC).
past papers 2020,

1.       DNA as a term is frequently used in Forensic Investigations. What does DNA stand for?
a)      Double Nucleic Add
b)      Deoxyribonucleic Acid
c)       Deoxyribose-Nitric Acid
d)      Deoxyribonucleic Association

2.       Vanaspati Ghee commonly used in Pakistan is produced by hydrogenation of:
a)      Com oil
b)      Soybean oil
c)       Butter
d)      Palm oil

3.       MRI is commonly used diagnostic tool in hospitals. What does MRI stands for?
a)      Magnetic Ray Image
b)      Multi Ray Imaging
c)       Magnetic Resonance Investigation
d)      Magnetic Resonance Imaging

4.       Polio is caused by a:
a)      Bacteria
b)      Virus
c)       Contamination
d)      Vitamin deficiency

5.       Sun is a:
a)      Planet
b)      Galaxy
c)       Comet
d)      Star

6.       Which one of the following is not a mammal?
a)      Shark
b)      Whale
c)       Dolphin
d)      Seal

7.       The longest bone in the human body is:
a)      Tibia
b)      Femur
c)       Fibula
d)      Sternum

8.       Which one of the following is the purest form of gold?
a)      18 carats
b)      20 carats
c)       22 carets
d)      24 carats

9.       Which one of the following is the largest organ in the human body?
a)      Liver
b)      Stomach
c)       Heart
d)      Skin

10.   Which one of the following disease is caused by drinking of contaminated water?
a)      Cholera
b)      Malaria
c)       Tuberculosis
d)      Diabetes

11.   Son of Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Babar, Emperor Humayun, lost his throne to:
a)      Jalaluddin Akbar
b)      Sher Shah Suri
c)       Sher Khan
d)      Ameer Noor-ud-Din

12.   Which Islamic scholar practically opposed Akbar's so called Deen-i-Elahi?
a)      Khawaja Moin-ud-Din Chishti
b)      Hazrat  Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi
c)       Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh
d)      Hazrat Gaisu Daraz

13.   After the 1857 war of independence the Mughal King of Delhi, Bahadur Shah was deported, by the British, to:
a)      Kathmandu
b)      Rangoon
c)       Andaman Island
d)      London

14.   Which British officer shot and killed three of Bahadur Shah Zafar's sons, during the 1857 war of Independence:
a)      William Hudson
b)      Colonel Nicholson
c)       John Lawrence (p)
d)      Lt. Willoughby

15.   In which year did the Hindi-Urdu Controversy start?
a)      1887
b)      1888
c)       1889
d)      1870

16.   After Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who became the Secretary of MAO College Management?
a)      Hakeem Ajmal Khan
b)      Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
c)       Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
d)      Moulana Muhammad Ali Johor

17.   Who founded the Arya Semaj in India?
a)      Raja Ram Mohan
b)      Dayananda Saraswati
c)       Ram Gopal Acharya
d)      Ambedkar

18.   Indian National Congress was founded on the Initiative of:
a)      M. K.Gandhi
b)      A. 0. Hume
c)       Lord Curzon
d)      Ram.Gopal Acharya

19.   Who was the first President of the All India Muslim League?
a)      Nawab Saeed-uz-Zeman
b)      Nawab Salearnuila'n
c)       Sir Agha Khan
d)      Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

20.   Syed Ahmad Shaheed along with Shah Ismail was martyred in a battle with the Sikhs at:
a)      Panipat
b)      Gujranwala
c)       Peshawar
d)      Balakot

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