Past Papers of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2018 - Solved Paper

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Past Papers of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2018

Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2018 Past Papers

This is a past paper of Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies 2018 in the Punjab Department of Cooperative Societies. Syllabus of this past paper was (PAKISTAN STUDIES / ISLAMIC STUDIES / GENERAL KNOWLEDGE):

PPSC 2020

1.       Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, who died recently, had also served as the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for:
a)      Timor Leste
b)      Rwanda
c)       Kosovo
d)      Western Sahara

2.       Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous painters of the world. He was from:
a)      Portugal
b)      Spain
c)       Italy
d)      Argentina

3.       Constantinople is the old name of:
a)      Baghdad
b)      Ankara
c)       Damascus
d)      Istanbul

4.       'Golden Temple' In India is a sacred place for which religion?
a)      Sikhism
b)      Buddhists
c)       Jainism
d)      Taoism

5.       Which President of the USA was involved in the 'Watergate Scandal?
a)      John F. Kennedy
b)      Bill Clinton
c)       Richard Nixon
d)      Lyndon Baines Johnson

6.       Which mammal lays eggs?
a)      Whales
b)      Platypus
c)       Penguins
d)      Kiwis

7.       Before the reunification of Germany, what was the capital of West Germany?
a)      Frankfurt
b)      Bonn
c)       Berlin
d)      Hamburg

8.       Cape of Good Hope is located in which county?
a)      Argentina
b)      Namibia
c)       South Africa
d)      USA

9.       To which Island was Napoleon exiled to, in 1815, where he eventually died?
a)      Saint Helena
b)      Elba
c)       Corsica
d)      Sardinia

10.   In which country is the world's highest waterfall (Angel Falls) located?
a)      Zambia
b)      Canada
c)       Venezuela
d)      Austria

11.   Recently Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended the Climate Change Summit, conference hold in Paris in December 2015. The conference is popularly known as COP21. What does COP stand for?
a)      Comprehensive Ozone Protection
b)      Conference of Parties
c)       Conference of Ozone Polluters
d)      None of these

12.   How many countries, so far, are members of the European Union?
a)      27
b)      15
c)       26
d)      32

13.   The South African Cricket team is known by the name Protease'. What exactly is 'Protease?
a)      An animal native to Southern Africa
b)      The national song of South Africa
c)       National Flower of South Africa
d)      The color green in the Zulu language

14.   Wallis Mathias was a test cricketer from 1955 to 1962. Which country did he play for?
a)      Australia
b)      West Indies
c)       India
d)      Pakistan

15.   Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These words are associated with which personality?
a)      Lord Acton
b)      Winston Churchill
c)       Abraham Lincoln
d)      Aristotle

16.   The "Statue of Liberty is located in New York, USA. It was gifted to the USA by:
a)      Great Britain
b)      Italy
c)       France
d)      Spain

17.   Who said 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" :
a)      Karl Marx
b)      M.K. Gandhi
c)       Adam Smith
d)      Plato

18.   'Ornithology' is the study of:
a)      Bones
b)      Smells
c)       Birds
d)      Oceans

19.   Which disease is caused by Iodine deficiency?
a)      Gout
b)      Goiter
c)       Ricketts
d)      Scurvy

20.   'Dialysis' is used for the treatment of:
a)      Kidney failure
b)      Meningitis
c)       Cholera
d)      Parkinson Disease

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