Sub Inspector Punjab Police Papers - Solved Paper

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sub Inspector Punjab Police Papers

Past Paper of Sub Inspector Punjab Police

These are the questions from Sub Inspector Past Papers 2017. These are few solved questions from the 2017 Punjab Public Service Commission Paper. Stay in touch to have more solved papers.

1.    2nd governor general?
a)      Liaqat Ali Khan
b)      Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
c)      Iskander Mirza
d)      None of the above

2.    Zakat render on camels?
a)      3 Camels
b)      5 camels
c)      7 Camels
d)      10 Camels

3.    Zakat render on goat?
a)      10 Goats
b)      20 Goats
c)      30 Goats
d)      40 Goats

4.    MAO School was established in 1875 and college in
a)      1877
b)      1880
c)      1890
d)      1892

5.    largest peninsula
a)      Arabia
b)      Alaska
c)      Indo China
d)      None of the bove

6.    Current secretary generl of oic?
a)      Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen
b)      General Raheel Sharif
c)      None of the above

7.    What is the meaning of Ijma?
a)      Consensus of Ulma Ikram
b)      Hadiths
c)      None of the above

8.    Alaudin khilji economics reform?
a)      Foreign Trade
b)      Market Control
c)      Land Revenue
d)      None of the Above

9.    Great bath of indus valley is found in:
a)      Harrapa
b)      Mohenjo Daro
c)      None of the above

10.  Hazrat Umar embraseed islam in?
a)      602 AD
b)      606 AD
c)      612 AD
d)      616 AD

11.   Prophet Muhammad Worked as a shepherd for which of the following?\
a)      Banu Saad
b)      Banu  Makhzoom
c)      Banu Umaya
d)      Banu Adi
12.  Kyat Is the currency of:
a)    Italy
b)    Myanmar
c)    China
d)    Nepal

13.  Smallest Islamic country of the following:
a)    Maldives
b)    Kuwait
c)    UAE
d)    Bahrain
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14.  Last railway station in KPK is:
a)    Landi Kotal
b)    Mardan
c)    Swabi
d)    Malakand

15.  Russia attacked Afghanistan in:
a)    1978
b)    1979
c)    1974
d)    1971

16.  Fatima Jinnah contested election against:
a)    Iskander Mirza
b)    Liaqat Ali Khan
c)    Ayub Khan
d)    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
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17.  Muslim League was formed in:
a)    1900
b)    1930
c)    1940
d)    1906

18.  Battle of Uhud took place in:
a)    2 AH
b)    3 AH
c)    4 AH
d)    5 AHonal Assistant Past Papers

19.  Khunjrab pass connects:
a)    Pak-Afghan
b)    Pak-Iran
c)    Pak-china
d)    Pak-India

20. The second (OIC) Islamic Summit Conference was held in Lahore in:
a)    1972
b)    1974
c)    1775
d)    1976

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